Tuesday, 7 August 2018


Visualisation by Farm Visuals
Visualisation by Farm Visuals
Visualisation by Farm Visuals

I met with the client for this beautiful project towards the end of 2017.  He wanted to create a contemporary Nigerian cuisine experience - the setting to showcase the ambiance and best of Nigerian Culture

Aji off course was also interested in using our beautiful natural Clay-works clay plasters for the interior walls and ceilings to represent the rich heritage of open wood cooking - the oldest method of cooking known.  Shown here is a beautiful rustic clay plaster to represent the smokey ambers and glowing red ames.  The rest of the interior will have a more contemporary feel - in keeping with the theme

Introducing Aji to Jack from Farm Visuals came next - and together they could develop the brief and design the Architecture Concept for what will be a truly unique restaurant and dining experience in London

I am super impressed by how lifelike these visualisations are looking and even more excited to see this project come off the ground
Amazing work from the guys at Farm

Image renders via Farm Visuals

Tuesday, 29 May 2018


Nowadays we can hardly go half an hour without checking our phones let alone half a day

So for some the thought to be without connection while abroad may be quite a frustrating one

Most of the UK network providers now offer coverage in most of Europe without any additional costs - but travelling to further flung destinations could either leave us with hefty phone bills when we return home; or having to resort to using the Wi-Fi at the accommodation and cafes and restaurants - not ideal if you want to post that Insta story while in the midst of a tropical downpour in the middle of a deserted island chasing waterfalls…

Well the guys from Flexiroam have come up with the perfect solution. 
A nifty little SIM you attach to your current SIM, and insert back into your phone. And an even more nifty little app which allows you to switch between your home SIM and your flexiroam SIM in A couple of clicks- and voila soon as the airplane hits the tarmac you're online and good to go .... Before the seatbelt signs are switched off.

It's easy to top up and their customer service is second to none.

And to top it all - the good people behind flexiroam have kindly come up with a wonderful 35% discount for any new customers purchasing a new starter pack using the voucher code below at checkout - and if you join using this link both you and I will get another 100mb of data added to our accounts

Amazing right! "To get Flexiroam for yourself, please use this link (roam.my/4R6JFXX6) to download the app and then use (URBAN35) at checkout to get 35% off your Starter Plan. Code valid for In-App Purchases only - Not valid for Lite Plans and Local Data.” Now … where in the world would your wonderful travels be taking you?

I'm off to Bali this evening- my flexiroam SIM loaded and ready for a week of nature : beauty : culture : bliss and touch of excitement... 

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Tuesday, 14 November 2017


Hello there

It's sure has been a while...

Thought I'd share a little insight into what I'm listening to from day to day - you'll see a new gadget to the right with a Spotify Playlist

This will change from time to time - or maybe week to week, let's see how this goes

And hope you enjoy this new addition to my blog... currently listening to a lovely mellow | Smooth Jazzy Grooves | playlist via Spotify



Image via Pinterest

Monday, 17 July 2017


Wow... so where does one start - a perfect tropical retreat in an eco-conscious neighbourhood with cobble stoned streets - a short bike ride to the beach...
This is Villa Verde in Aldea Zama, Tulum, Mexico - and this is one for my list for next year...

Images via Villa Verde AirBNB

Designed by co-labdesignoffice

Thursday, 29 June 2017


Originally designed by Frank Gehry, recently renovated by Dan Brunn Architects and located in Los Angeles Little Osaka neighbourhood

Images via Dezeen

Read the full story here

Monday, 3 April 2017


Photography - Lindé Davies
Photography - Lindé Davies
Photography - Lindé Davies
Photography - Lindé Davies
Photography - Lindé Davies
Photography - Lindé Davies
Photography - Lindé Davies
Photography - Lindé Davies

Sometimes I can get a bit stuck - stuck in my routines - and the commute to and from work that tire us out
Sometimes between the everyday comings and goings we get so stuck, we often forget to really live....

To take a step outside, to look at the world with new eyes, with fresh wonder - and realise what a truly magnificent thing it is to be alive here - right now....

On Sunday it was just one of those perfect days for wondering around - camera in hand - I felt like a tourist again, and my early years and memories of being new in London came rushing through.  
I love this time of year - springtime - the blossoms - the flowers and the promise of summer to come...  a few favourite pics I'm sharing with you here

Photo's by me

Saturday, 1 April 2017


Stumbled upon this delightful project some time ago - I love how inviting that minimal facade can still appear....  Love the whiteness and curious about what beautifully designed spaces will wait once you've entered through to the indoor spaces

Designed by KMA (Kabarowski Misiura Architekci) you will find this silent surprise house in the suburbs of Wroclaw

Images via KMA


Saturday, 4 March 2017


This week I've totally been crushing on this beautiful minimal urban loft in Antwerp, Belgium - designed by Vincent van Duysen (super talented, intensely creative - and all time favourite designer needless add)

The palette is subdued with the use of rough timber and concrete thus in keeping with the historical vernacular and prominence of warehouses in the surrounding quay and city area.  The space has volume, and light, and feels inviting yet still remains in keeping with a very minimal design aesthetic.  Just a beautiful minimal almost monochrome loft like space - but the warm tones and timber clad interior in some areas adds an organic and comforting feel 

Lots of inspiration here for my weekend getaway - still in the planning, still in the making, not quite yet off the ground ... but getting there (she says, and smiles)

images via leibal

Tuesday, 7 February 2017


This is ETQ Amsterdam - a fashion brand born in 2010 with its main focus on mens footwear at the time, but now offers a beautiful array of elegant and sophisticated mens and womenswear as well as accessories all hand crafted in a small factory in Portugal.

Their main focus was to allow the quality of the products to speak for itself instead of heavily accessorised branding - with these three elements at the forefront of their ethos - elegance, timelessness and quality.

And the results are truly spectacular in a very minimal kind of way.  

The use of concrete in a variety of different finishing techniques adds a somehow blank canvas for the beautifully crafted items to really stand out and speak up.

I love love love those concrete benches with the more textured elements and exposed aggregate combined with the smooth finish at the base - and the chalky white is just lush ..... excited by the craft and design - oh and the fashion obviously too!

Images via/ by Vosgesparis

Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Photo: Lindé Davies

Yesterday I took my usual walk along Chiswick Mall - with The Thames to my right.  I love this walk because the landscape can change so drastically depending on the tides.

Its cold and windy and wintry but the landscape somehow comes alive in all this freshness and cold
Sometimes I guess its only when our hearts start to open we really feel the cold of the world again - but also the warmth of just being human... and the freshness of the air on our skin.

So I guess with the Chinese New Year just gone - there has been some build up of emotions over time - over time and time and time - sometimes we get so busy trying to get away from our feelings or for some like me, the lack of the feelings and emotions - to always be strong, to not let things get to us - that they go and hide somewhere deep in our subconscious mind - and then one day - they just all come to the surface and well up and stream out of our eyes - like a cloudburst drenching some fertile lands.  To feel the vulnerability of being human and to allow the tears that are to come could actually be quite healing.  I just had no idea there were so many hidden within

I think I needed exactly this experience and what has led up to it - to catapult me into really starting to feel things again - to feel sad and sit with it, to feel vulnerable and sit with it, to feel happy and sit with that - to feeling content and sitting with that.  I think in some small part the walls are coming down and this will be a time of personal growth and development, to go make some changes and to go make some things happen, and to be open to the challenges of being human and being fully participating in this thing called life and to align myself spiritually and emotionally each day to the opportunities that may arise.

I read this lovely quote yesterday and it just made so much sense for me right then - 

If a train doesn't stop at your station then its not your train.... so so so true

I guess that's exactly how I felt yesterday - I guess if the station is closed - there will be no trains stopping either - so here's to no more walls and fully embracing what this life and what this year may have to offer - with hard work we will reap the rewards, putting in a little bit of effort will go along way.  I have not forgotten, but now I have really remembered.... thank you for reminding me again

And now it kind of makes me feel happy that I could have felt so sad - and I am feeling excited because this is all good all round - to feel again.

Photo:  by me