Thursday, 30 October 2014


Beautiful master suite - perfect, romantic yet a tad masculine! Amazing 3D renders by Maria Gluzdakova.  The polished cement finish in the en suite bathroom is superb!  A very well executed project!

Via behance

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


To be celebrating a birthday!!

39 years ago, it was a Tuesday morning around 6:30 am, my parents were expecting a baby boy's arrival - but to their surprise it was a baby girl that came into this world with a very big voice as I took my first breath.  My dad just told me this morning he could hardly believe the cry that came out of my tiny body that day!

Now 39 years on, who would've thought I would be here on the other side of the world, living a very different life to what it would've been had I stayed put in that tiny little Southern tip of the African continent.  Africa.... its in my blood and in my bones and yet I feel so very un-African even as I'm writing this.  A country that leaves its mark on all who visit, on all who's ever been and each and every one of us who had left.

Today I am so very grateful for the experiences that have brought me here,  for some good decisions and for the not so good ones I have taken along the way.  For my parents always supporting me, whatever it is I may decide to take on board - they would always say.... 
darling if it will make you happy, do it - and we'll be happy with you!  They've set me free, and yet I always feel this pull towards them no matter where I am.

Today I'm grateful for a bright and sunny and very mild autumn day, blue skies and lots of sunshine - to wake up to such a pleasant site is a blessing in its own full right.  And I'm grateful for my friends and family who showered me with so much love and kindness over the past few days. To feel loved like this is a wonderful feeling indeed!

And on that note I want to always hear the music, I want to always be dancing and I want to always be sharing all the wonder and beauty that is around

Have a beautiful day, and if you feel like celebrating today - do it, don't wait for a special occasion, each day in its own right is special and a special day because its a gift.  None of us are guaranteed a tomorrow, yet we live our lives for the tomorrows and the next years and the Christmas's and New Years.  Lets rather live today fully and celebrate the moment and if someday that tomorrow never arrives, we'll have no regrets as we would've celebrated life and living it fully all the days of our lives


Saturday, 25 October 2014


Oh how I would love to sleep in on the weekends; but like a flash of lightning come 7am and I'm wide awake and sometimes have to force myself that extra hour in bed.

That extra hour can be bliss,  coffee in bed and a bit of blogging or pinning or just a bit of reading.  And then the day begins....

Today I've been up and out the door by 7 - hosting a little soiree this evening and had a couple of last minute bits to get;  and now before I start I am going to have a coffee, some breakfast - take a deep breath and start baking!  Most of the prepping is already done, and I have some lovely friends who are heading over early to help setting up and getting ready...

I hope you can have a little sleep in this week-end, rest and relax and recuperate - because before you know it Monday will be upon us like a raging bull!!  And we must be ready to take that bull by the horns and show him what we're made of!  

Have a super week-end you all, and remember its ok to sometimes take things a bit slow - take in all the beauty around you without having to rush around to fill up the hours.  Its nice to be busy,  but remember what socrates had to say.... 

On that note... coffee is calling and I must not delay answering!

Enjoy each moment, and savour the enjoyment of the moment


Tuesday, 21 October 2014


'hello beautiful' .... we all know these 2 little words can just about brighten anyone's day.  Especially coming from that someone special in our lives.  Yet some of us have days when we never hear these 2 little words that can put a spring in your step, and brighten your smile.  Maybe some of us haven't yet met that someone special yet.

So today I'm sending you all a 'hello beautiful' from the bottom of my heart.  You are beautiful and lovely and you deserve to be told not only today, but every single special day of your life.  Because each and every day is special.  Lets all reach out and share a little bit of loveliness and make someone's day, lets start a ripple effect and share some love.

Sometimes when we're feeling unloved - those are the times we need to share the love even more, even if we feel empty to the core of our beings.  Keep sharing it, and you'll soon start to feel it again, little by little day by day...  And to think, it all started by opening up your heart just a little bit and by sharing these two little words

'hello beautiful'

Image via Pinterest

Sunday, 19 October 2014


Beautiful farmstead refurbishment - neutral tones and minimal decor - almost monastic interior.
I love the hydrated lime finish on the interior and exterior walls, and the use of concrete for flooring throughout.  

carlo bagliani

Photo's - Anna Positano/ Carola Merello
Via - Archidaily read more here


Some thoughts on moving on


Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Oh but to sit by this window and think of long forgotten times .... and dream of beautiful days still to come.  This is quite frankly a most perfect space, with ceilings high enough for all my thoughts to fill the space and leave my head calm and clear and empty of all that constant noise!

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Monday, 13 October 2014


Beautiful artwork by Robert Lindstrom who is also co-founder of North Kingdom
Originally designed as wallpaper.

Definitely a 'lots of cups of coffee' kind of day!

Have a great week!

Sunday, 12 October 2014


Photo:  Lindé Davies
Took this while out for a little run this morning, love these bright and clear early autumn mornings. Pleased to have been able to get some fresh air before the grey clouds came in a magnitude and covered the light blue skies, splittering and splattering with rain.

There has most certainly been a change in the air, a sudden fresh chill.  Needless to say its time for a wardrobe changeover, summer out and winter in!  

Aren't these lush chunky knits just so comforting - makes me dream of cosy winter times reading books in front of roaring fires sipping red wine in a cabin with the world outside covered in pure white snow.... but we're not quite there yet. Still only autumn; and autumn we do love you!

Forest walks, and long pub lunches and kicking up some brown and orange autumn leaves... fresh mornings, when you wish the central heating was on already,  but stick it out just for old times sake .... sleeping under my autumn duvet, slightly heavier and cosier than my summerthins!  Starting to wear boots, and the odd knitted scarf...

Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend, mine was an absolute winner all round, had some much needed solo time, got some stuff done and today caught up with some chores and a super long overdue Skype chat with my best friend who lives all the way down under in Aus... gosh I miss that girl so so so much!  You know that someone your soul-sister, your sister-friend - deeper than a sister and closer than a friend!

Hope you're all well rested for the week ahead - and get ready to get cosy, me thinks this winter is going to surprise us with a bit of a chill sooner than expected!  I may get my knitting out just in case...

Image 1 by me
Images 2-6 via Pinterest

Friday, 10 October 2014


And this will be my weekend motto... Slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures in life...  I am having a much needed me weekend, oh the luxury of having no commitments or timings to stick to.  I have made some plans and I'm rather looking forward to them.

These past few months have flown by like an absolute whirlwind, most enjoyable and fun all the business and being sociable and out and about.  But in the act of being so actively busy I often find I loose myself half the time, and loose sight a little bit of my journey. On the other hand just being and enjoying and going with the flow is also part of the journey and I do believe it is important to actively participate in life.

This weekend I have chosen to spend some time on my own, had a nice long run after work, found some lush new music on Spotify,  cooked a lush supper while listening to 'Renaissance - The Mix Collection by Gui Boratta', a little bit of dance music never did any harm! and watched a bit of naff TV.   Tomorrow will be early risings and another run or a swim; it just clears my head in so many ways, all the random thoughts suddenly disappear and it's just my breathing, my heart beating and the sound of my feet on the path.   Trying to relax while running, relaxing my breathing,  relaxing my heart beat, relaxing in each step I'm taking. Somehow by being relaxed your body can push through so much better.  The same rings true on an emotional level, by allowing ourselves to be relaxed in a complicated situation or matter, we allow ourselves to come to a more natural understanding and ultimately the decisions me make will come from a more calm and considered space.

An early start will allow me so much more day as well. I want to wonder East and walk slowly through London Fields, breathe in the crisp autumn air and feel the chill on my skin, when it's quiet and with only a few other early risers around and some crows marching on the wet grass.  I will head over to Broadway market for slow coffee while watching the people go by.  Each in their own little universe of happiness or sorrow, love or love lost, rushing around or just taking a gentle stroll.

 I have a bit of work to do on a project and I find that by sometimes being in a different environment it can sometimes inspire more creativity and freedom in design.  I am hoping to capture some moments of my solo weekend; sadly my mobile phone went in for repairs and I will have to remember to take my little digital camera out with me.  I want to be back home by midday and reorganise my wardrobe... Summer out, winter in and I'm keen to lighten my wardrobe by at least a third!  But at the same time I want to appreciate my time and not feel rushed to get back either. ..

Taking some time out to read a new book 'the untethered soul by Michael A Singer' with the afternoon sun streaming into my room.
So far an interesting read, with many pages reread as I didn't quite grasp it the first time round.  Definitely worth exploring if you're interested in mindfulness and having a better understanding of who we really are. And how we can become free to live purposeful lives..... more to follow!

Have you all got lots happening or are there some of you who will be taking some time out also?  However you spend it, I hope you'll have an enjoyable time and do remember to be present and experience each moment, capture it in your hearts. Moments pass and you may not be in a position to revisit or relive them again as well as you can while they are actually happening.  Share the things you want to say People come and people go, have happy times with those you encounter along the way.  And when it's time to move on, do so gracefully and set yourself free without breaking the strings