Thursday, 11 December 2014


Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
This time of year - somehow always arrives a bit unexpectedly - it feels like just yesterday we were still enjoying the last of the summer sun and those long September evenings ... and suddenly here we are - December is in full swing, Christmas Eve is 2 weeks away, office parties and catching up with friends -  shopping and gift wrapping and xmas card writing -  catching up on projects that were left till the last minute... trying to catch our breath as the end of the year is soon rushing closer with each passing day.

Does anyone else feel like the days are getting shorter,  the hours in the day, and how much we can actually accomplish just does not feel to quantify to the same 24 hours we used to have even just 10 years ago.  I wish time could stand still for just a couple of hours a day -  just imagine.... what would you do with you extra hours?

Strange how just one click on the net can lead you somewhere so unexpectedly.  I stumbled upon 'slow-watches' in the same unexpected manner - and before I knew it - a couple of email exchanges, and one late November afternoon I receive my first slow watch!  Almost in a flash!  What makes a slow watch somehow that much more desirable is not only the beautiful and minimalistic design, the lack of any branding or trademarks - or the very unique face - showing a full day, as in all 24 hours of the day!  Genius ... I hear you say,  yes 'genius' is what I thought too first time round!  But what I like most of all is the beauty behind the concept - to slow down in a lifetime where everything seems to be happening in the fast lane, and if you're not running at a hundred miles an hour - you're not part of the game.  No!  That's not what life is about.  Even though at times it could be exhilarating and fun, it can also be exhausting and lead to confusion and burn out.

That's not why we are living, that's not why we are here on this beautiful planet, just to make a living. The concept behind the slow brand is to stop watching time, stop counting the hours till home-time, the minutes till your next meeting - stop running to get on the tube before the doors close....
Take time out, take time to be slow - watch the passing clouds drift by your office window.... escape for an afternoon with your best mate and take a train ride out to the countryside - or the seaside or the mountains - stop clock-watching and start being consciously slow.   (eventhough I must admit, since I have this beauty on my arm - I can't keep my eyes of the slowly passing of the hours!

And I quote from their website  'slow does not describe a speed…. It’s a mindset that most of us somehow lost. As a result of our busy lifestyles, we often forget that we actually have a choice of how to live. The slow watch (we named it slow Jo) is a subtle reminder that time is the most precious thing we have so we should enjoy everything we do and stop chasing every minute. '

The watch itself is Swiss made - perfectly symmetrical - timelessly elegant.  Even the smallest of details where taking into consideration - the packaging is stunning, smooth black and perfectly squared!  I love the chunkiness of it on my slightly slim wrist - and I can easily change from my black leather band to a beautiful mesh strap with a solid and fail-proof clip.  They even include a handy little tool with your strap, which makes it seamlessly easy to change from one to the other. My photos are all with the black leather strap and over the next few weeks I will share some shots of the mesh strap also.  Not sure which is my favorite - I just love both!

The founders of slow are a couple of friends who had the same ideas, the same mindset and vision and the same motivation to create something different, something unique - a beautiful timepiece - and wow!  something very unique was created by this collaboration - not only to tell the time, but to accompany you on your journey, to live an adventurous life - and to take it slow to embrace friendships and spending time with those close to you - learn a new hobby, read a book - go for a surf!  Go be - go live - lets all get out more but take more time to fully enjoy the experience.

And .... if you still haven't found that special gift for that special someone - go on, spoil them - spoil yourself - you won't regret it, I promise you!

Happy festive season to you all...


Images by me
Visit slow watches here

A big thank you to Chris and Corvin at slow for sponsoring this post - you absolutely rock

Monday, 8 December 2014


As the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer and the temperatures are dropping - I must admit I am starting to feel a little bit more festive by the day.

I'm sharing some lovely neutral Scandi-style Xmassy pics here - I think there must be a bit of  Nordic blue blood running through my veins as I am far more drawn to these pale and natural tones than the bright and bold reds and greens of the west!

Start the count down you beautiful festive people, and lets have a wonderful lead up to Christmas time

Images via Pinterest 

Saturday, 6 December 2014


A couple of thought provoking quotes I'd love to share today - today in London is quite frankly just perfect.  Crisp, fresh, cold but bright blue skies and bright blue sunshine!  This morning when those first few streaks of sunshine came bursting through the edges of my blinds, I just knew - this is was the day to pick up the pace and get on my running shoes and just get out there!  And that's what I did

Now after a lush and healthy brunch of mushroom omelet with some chillies, and smoked salmon - and my oh so delicious coconut coffee - I'd like to share these few quotes.  I could probably write a whole essay on each and every one of them - but I think they will speak to each one of you on a different level and that is what I love most about reading quotes and pondering on them... we all can get something else out of it and that in itself is quite poetic.

Last few words before my day will pick up pace yet again...

We must surround ourselves by people who resonate on the same frequency as we do.  Ever been out with some friends, and even well into the next day you just feel so good and happy and excited about life?  And you can't quite put your finger on it, but yet - whenever you see those people its like something inside of you just feels alive and like everything is right in the world.  Well, I believe that when people connect, and people can share connections for a variety of reasons - but I'm writing specifically about the frequency between people that connect them.

Look out for it - subtly, and gently - its not something you have to notice or focus on - to know its there.  You'll just know it, when you're with certain people your collective frequencies will increase and that will also have an immediate effect on your wellbeing and theirs, not only during the time you spend together, but also for quite some time afterwards.  Keep those friendships alive and make the effort to invest in spending quality good time together, but also have fun.  Laugh out loud, and you know what, sometimes its absolutely ok to just be silly and enjoy the buzz of having a good time.

Keep the positivity and good energy flowing afterwards too - that will most certainly have a positive ripple effect on the rest of your day and week - not only that but also that ripple effect may well resonate further afield and reach a much broader spectrum than you could ever imagine.  Something small - like a friendly nod or a smile on your commute to work (eventhough it might be the least favorite part of your day! And I know for one, I can do with some brightening of my morning commute) Walk with your head up high and your eyes on the horizon - don't stumble over the little hickups on your way - keep your focus on the things that make you feel good, and somehow those little things that come to test us along the way will become less and less and less...

Have a super Saturday, and a great Sunday - and be ready for whatever surprises life may bring your way - be open and embrace it - and be generous in sharing your spirit and enthusiasm - and spread some love!


Images via Pinterest (where else... hahaha!)

ps:  my musings and my quotes aren't totally relating, but the quotes I felt I had to share and the musings just came to me - I guess something I read must've stirred something inside me and hence the random sharing of thoughts on todays post

Friday, 5 December 2014


It's December, its Christmas time, its the silly season - and even for those of us who try not to overindulge - there will be plenty an after work, pre-xmas catch-up with friends and work colleagues - a glass of wine or two, and who am I to resist that ever so drinkable Hibiscus Mojito!

And a bit of merriness never did any harm right?  .... Wrong and wrong!    

So I stumbled upon this beautiful bedside carafe and glass set - and I imagine having this neat little set next to your bed as you're about to nod off after your work Xmas party - will hopefully ensure you drink lots of water before hitting the pillows!  And hopefully that morning after heavy head will be almost unnoticeable....  Let's hope!  Having a couple of glasses of water while being out and about is definitely a good idea - and don't let anyone put you off!  You won't regret it the day after.

Nonetheless we should keep hydrated throughout the day as well and drink plenty of water -  did you know that being dehydrated can cause fatigue?   Water helps the blood transport oxygen and other essential nutrients to your cells.  If you're getting enough water, your heart doesn't have to work as hard to pump blood throughout your body.  So when that after lunch slump starts to hit you - reach for your 'drink me' carafe and stay topped up.

And we all know that if we can lighten the load of one organ, by just drinking more water - we'll be drinking the good stuff by the gallons!  Drink me carafe and glass set is available online from Overstock

Have a happy and merry weekend and remember to stay hydrated along the way!

Image via HOUZZ

Monday, 1 December 2014


December... its here, December 1st already in the past  

I am vowing this year to not get caught up in all the craziness of the season,  but to merrily go my way and sprinkle love and sparkles wherever I may go.

I am sending some handmade xmas cards this year though,  writing them will be something I am going to enjoy and not rushing a few scribbles on the tube on my way in to work.

I love this handwritten giftwrap from anthropology,  wrapped with a simple piece of string.... The beauty of a natural and minimal xmas time awaits

Enjoy the December days and let's not get too caught up in all the buzz and forget about the real reasons we are celebrating.  Make the time to share with close friends and family and tell the ones you hold dear how much you love them and care

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Saying even a few words about this project will be too much already.  Except that I love pretty much everything about it-  the built in benches and shelves, the polished concrete finishes, the whites and contrasting greys, the windows framing the views so specifically .... light, bright and minimal

Read all about it here

Images via Dezeen
Photography is by Yoshihiro Asada

Monday, 17 November 2014


....Let us then go into this bright new week with bravery in our hearts and a sober fierceness in our steps.
Let us embrace each new day for the gifts it may hold, let us embrace each new day and share the gifts we behold.
Let us be bold, let us be brave, let us be grateful,  let us create the stories we want to be told...

A little Monday night rambling from my desk

Have a super week, be strong, be brave, believe in yourself, be you... xx

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Friday, 14 November 2014


These beautiful and original moon phase calendars by A Little Lark are available on Etsy

This is what they say ....  
"Simple, scientific, modern and beautiful. Make a statement in your house with this gorgeous art print!

Make year 2015 a year were you keep track of full and new moons, plus also know the day of the week. These large wall calendars are hand printed on sturdy 22" x 30" Stonehenge paper. Paper is machine-made in the USA of 100% cotton neutral pH two natural deckles and two cut edges. Print looks great both pinned up or framed. There is a 1.75" border around printed area, so paper can be cut down to desired size if needed. Each piece is signed on lower right in pencil by the artist, Christy Nyboer. 

* We designed this poster so you can cut the lower half off after the year is through and enjoy the upper square portion as a stunning print of the moon."

I'm torn between the gold on black or the copper on black - which do you like most?

First spotted via Pinterest

Images via A Little Lark