Monday, 21 September 2015


We don't always have control over the things that happen to us, but we have control over how we choose to react.

In the mornings, even before we are fully awake, we can choose how we want to start the day.  Even before we open our eyes, let us put a smile on our face and wake up grateful for another day, grateful for the soul that abodes within us and grateful for the shell that is our bodies, that will carry our soul form place to place and from person to person.

Let us take good care of our soul and it will shine brightly through our shell of a human body, and it will create beautiful ripples of good vibrations.  Let us take good care of our bodies, so that it will be healthy and it can house our souls in the most splendid of ways.

And let us choose kindness, and love - and let us be kind to those close to us as much as we are kind to strangers.  And let us treat strangers with the same kindness we would like to have bestowed on us.

And sometimes when we feel the least inclined to be filled with love, those are the times we need to take a moment and choose love, choose life and let it sparkle


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  1. Kindness and love always! Sparkle on you bright star!

  2. Hello Linde! I have a question from a post on your Pinterest account actually… do you know if Spark Physiotherapy in Cape Town is still open?! And if so, do you know their website? (I can't seem to find it!).
    Thank you sooo much for your time! - whitney