Wednesday, 16 September 2015


I have always been dreaming of a Greek holiday - island hopping, wondering the cobbled streets and alleys, and underneath flower covered verandas ... swim in crystal clear beaches.  And my oh my, staying in one of the plenty beautiful hotels that I often swoon over from the distance of my computer screen.   But alas that beautiful country with its numerous islands are always just out of my reach.  I also think, in my minds eye I have always envisioned that I'll be going on holiday to Greece with a boyfriend, or partner, a relatively significant other - but as he is still nowhere to be seen or found (not that I'm looking, but I am keeping my eye on the horizon... so to speak) I guess I will just have to make some plans to venture into the great Grecian unknown on my solo

I don't mind travelling on my own actually - sometimes its really nice to share a trip with a friend and make some new memories together, but I also find that travelling solo opens one up to a much greater and more enriching experience.

So back to Greece - and look what I stumbled upon - a beautiful renovation of the boutique hotel “1864 The Sea Captain’s House” at Oia village in the island of Santorini.  Soothing interiors in crisp white, and white plastered walls follow the curves and shapes of the caves interior.   I do like the little alcoves and the smooth rounded edges and then even here or there where you have a sharp edge or corner detail - it feels less dramatic.

One for the bucket list eh?  Wow, and suddenly sleep is upon me, and I must say goodnight before I doze off ...  yawn.... sleep good night... x

Read more about the design of the Cave suites on Home Adore 
Photography by Paterakis Vangelis
Visit Patsios Architecture here
Images via caan design

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