Thursday, 19 March 2015


This week I somehow stumbled upon these beautiful and inspirational quotes by a young woman named Carly Marie - from Australia.  Her story is such a sad one, but from it she has inspired so many heartbroken families, mothers and fathers who lost a baby or child.

It is well worth visiting her website: CarlyMarie Project Heal to browse some of her beautiful quotes and inspirations, but also on those days when we feel sad and blue - there's a shimmer of sunshine even shining through her sad and heart broken quotes.    

Its about acceptance, and grieving and about healing - about friendships and about being there for each other - sometimes in silence and sometimes in excited shouts and screams and sometimes sharing the tears.

I cannot help but feel my heart really reach out to her - I have not experienced this kind of grief or loss in my life - yet her words I'm sure will somehow speak to each and everyone who visits her site.  She and her family is an inspiration - and I'm so grateful to have made such a beautiful discovery.

I have printed a couple of her affirmations and stuck them on my bathroom wall - next to my mirror - a daily reminder to be grateful, to be kind to ourselves and others, to accept ourselves and others with love and to heal from within....

Images via her Pinterest 

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