Sunday, 4 January 2015


Next weekend I will be travelling to Bruges.  I booked a ticket on the eurostar and I found a nice little apartment on airbnb close to the station.

I am travelling light... very light indeed!  
Passport - check
Eurostar tickets - check
Bank card - check
Phone - check
House keys - check
Comfy shoes - check

A very different approach to my usual and very elaborate planning and packing exercise which normally starts a good 2 to 3 weeks before I go away.  So much time is being spent on getting ready for the experience, and I needed a new take on travel and on the experience of being somewhere new and free.  For myself.

So I decided to get a new take on travel, to go solo with the bare minimum, to wonder the streets without a heavy bag and cameras and chargers and guidebooks and maps.  I will wonder free and take in the sights and sounds and sit in cafes and people watch and enjoy being somewhere new and exciting without knowing too much about what to expect.

But there is one little catch.... All the necessities I will need to find and purchase on my first day.... deoderant, toothbrush and toothpaste, shower gel,   pajamas and underwear.  I want to experience the city and go where the locals go to do and go about their everyday lives.  I'd like to take in the touristy sights as well, but I'm more interested in spending time in a city and do everyday things. Maybe I'd like to move there some day and now I can experience the everyday in a quick weekend visit.  I'l'll be honest, I do have a bit of wanderlust and I am perhaps exploring a possible where next....

Makeup... now that is the one thing I will need to really try and go without. I don't wear much, and quite like a more natural look, and don't normally leave the house without - unless I'm out the door for my run.  But oh what a difference just that bit of blusher can make!  So we will have to see how I manage the 'real' au natural for this trip.  Maybe I'll nip in for a mini make over somewhere... would that be cheating or cleverly beating the system (my own system that is)

I want to see how much lighter we can really live and how much more life I'll be getting out of it. I'm excited and looking forward to sharing my findings as I go.

Anyone else up for a 'travel me light challenge'

Any pointers and tips would be welcomed

Have a great and restful day

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  1. I love this. Enjoy Bruges! I've never been, but would love to go! Fortunately you'll no doubt have some wonderful tips for when I do go there! Yay! Take at least 2 changes of undies and the rest you'll find there. Yum looking forward to hear about local food finds at the market! Enjoy! xx