Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Design:  Lindé Davies for An Urban Village

Design:  Lindé Davies for An Urban Village

I've been working on these 2 little designs lately - I promised my mom some note-lets which she can use to write to friends or family ... or even me!  I am not sure if they are a bit too bland?  But I quite like them.  I'd like to come up with one more design - so she'll have 3 sets to choose from for each and every occasion.  I will get them printed via Snapfish - the quality is quite good and as well as being good value for money I find their service all round good too.   Its a shame there isn't a Snapfish or similar in South Africa... or is there now?

Now ...  Any ideas for the 3rd design?  Maybe something bright and bold and crazy!

Designs are both by me

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  1. These are beautiful, but bold and bright should be the next one, especially when she writes to you ;)