Thursday, 8 January 2015


Having a bad day really sucks.  It not only sucks on too many levels to mention, it also sucks all that good life and energy right out of you.  Why do things affect us so heavily some days, and not at all on others?  Why oh why oh why....  

So today is just 'one of those days' - didn't start off as a bad day - but it got progressively worse and by the time I walked through the door at the office I was ready to pack my bags and head on out for the first island with sandy shores and crystal blue waters that my wallet would allow.  Living in London, as amazing and inspiring and cultural and fashionable as it is,  some days can be a right chore.  Getting up at the crack of dawn,  in order to miss the morning madness of commuter hell on the underground at rush-hour... and then what happens - signal failure.  Signal failure!  Yes in 2015 we still have something like signal failure - not on one of the lines, but on 3 lines and 2 of them are my only options to get into work on the other side of London.

And then to be greeted by my boss with a 'well love, that's why people leave earlier nowadays so they get to work on time' ..... and that was it!  My journey is a good hour and a quarter on a good day.  I leave the house by 6:45 so I can be there at 8 am and .... its not even my dream job!  And from there on things can spiral downwards pretty darn quick if we're not careful!  I guess it was a bit of a light that has gone on for me today....

So instead of dwelling on that - I thought I would focus on some ways to overcome the negativity of todays bad day.  To allow it happen, but also to allow it to pass through me without affecting me, and affecting my frequency and energy for too long.


1.  Remember - you're only human and its ok and perfectly normal to have a bad day every now and then

2.  Remember - a bad day is only a bad day - even though it may feel like its a bad life, its only a bad day and remind yourself of it

3.  Be alert when you are having a bad day as it may well highlight some underlying issues - which may need addressing.  See where your mind goes and take some gentle little 'notes to self'.  No need to make any major changes just yet - but be aware and be alert of what surfaces when we're having a bad day

3.  Take a moment and think about your bad day and try to understand what is causing it
       could be something external - a bad journey into work (uhm check)
       could be someone external - boss making a comment about the already said bad journey into work   (uhm check)
       and if its nothing external - start looking at things like diet.  Its a well known fact that what we put into our bodies plays a major part in our wellbeing and outlook on life in general.  So fill up on serotonin boosting foods  
“Studies show that dense carbohydrates can solve this problem because they increase the brain chemical serotonin, which is a mood enhancer," says Kristin Kirkpatrick, RD, a nutritionist and wellness manager at the Cleveland Clinic. '  
                                              and lots of greens and leafy salads and spinach.  I just stumbled on an interesting ready which you may find helpful too on those ever looming bad days -  7 bad mood busting foods

      Do a bit of research - any kind really, but for now we're looking at mood busting foods, and for me knowing that has already helped - I now know that by adjusting what I eat, it can assist in bashing my bad mood;  and there's never any excuses to learn something new and useful!  And remember to share your findings with fellow readers and friends and followers.

4.  Take a moment and think about just 5 things to be grateful for

5.  Take a moment and lift your 'emotional gaze' to the horizon.  Ever so often we keep our eyes so fixed on the path in front of us, and at the smallest little bump in our way, we want to cry a river.  Lift your gaze, look over all those little bumps in the road and you may not even feel them as you journey forward.  In other words, stop looking just 3 steps ahead, and focus your gaze on the amazing sunset that's filling the horizon with a magnitude of beautiful colours and bright oranges and yellows and pinks and purples and slowly fading into blues.  Always have something to focus your energies on, a little project - or a new book to read - or join a new group or activity.  Stretch your horizons by lift your gaze

6.  Smile - see its not that difficult.  I often find myself when in full concentration, that I can look ever so serious - a lot more muscles in our face are contracting when we're in this state - by smiling we are relaxing our features and our gaze - and not only will we look better - we'll also consume less energy in doing so and quite possible feel a bit lighter.

7.  If you're having a bad day - do something unexpectedly kind for someone else

8.  Be good to yourself

Last thought I'd like to share - and its a chat I had with my mum this afternoon.  She will be 83 the end of the month - and is the most inspirational and wonderful woman in my life.  Even though she is still very active and does a lot creative crocheting, and gardening and even baked 82 christmas cakes last year!  Yes amazing!  She sometimes has real difficulties with her heart, and feeling very low of energy and tired.  So today she was telling me about this revelation she had when she was being examined by her cardiologist on a recent visit after being quite unwell.  Mum said she thought about being young and how the youthful have boundless energy, they are always fun and positive to be around and they exert such positivity.  She said just there and then she decided that she will not be bound by her age or what's expected at her age - she will focus on feeling young and feeling youthful, on feeling positive and on feeling happy and grateful everyday.  My mum is a very positive person in general - but I was so happy when she shared this wonderful little gem of inspiration with me.  So grateful that I have such a wise and inspiring mother and that I still have a mother. You go mum!  Loveyouloads x

So with that - and apologies again for the ramblings today  - but I often find writing helps clear my thoughts and understand feelings and emotions better once I've had a good session on my blog. If you got this far, thanks so much for reading.  And here's to finding new ways to fight those moody blues and bad days.

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