Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Nothing better than a steaming cup of the good stuff to give us a little boost come mid morning.

And oh... don't these lush pics just make you lust after a nice and smooth rich cup to savor and enjoy.  Its not just the coffee, the taste and aroma, the time it takes to brew, and that little boost after the first sip .... its also in the time you take to really enjoy the moment of enjoyment.... does that make sense?

Ah I think coffee's ready!  Enjoy xx

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  1. this is so beautiful and such a delicious post! Nothing better than that first quality cup. I have one cup of freshly brewed, quality coffee a day! Always searching for different beans. Wonderful search!

  2. Yes! A good freshly brewed coffee just makes me feel soo good!
    (having a low day today though .. :( ... think I need a little caffeine boost)
    Have you tried adding coconut oil to your morning coffee? Needs a good blend - I normally froth the coconut oil with my milk and then add it to my coffee - its 'oh so divine' (called bullet proof coffee) Enjoy your coffee moments and always savor them!