Sunday, 1 June 2014


June.... the month of long evenings and early sunrises and al fresco dining and bbq's and picnics in the park!

Oh how we've missed you!

Hoping your arrival will also bring lots of sunshine and no more rain pretty please?

Some summertime inspiration from pinterest.  Was chatting to a friend just the other day, and shared what my ideal summer would be like.  He said 'Darling, you want it all?!  Yes dear, I want it all!!'

Summertime in London can be darn good too - perhaps not quite the hammocks and sandy shores I have in mind, but I will find myself a lush and lovely spot of summer in London this June!  And if I'm lucky, I may just  be able to sneak in a little seaside trip, switch off the phone, soak in some sunny rays and take some time to just breathe and be and enjoy ....  

What are your plans for summer?

Images via my summertime

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