Wednesday, 21 September 2011


"The designer’s intentions which were to draw inspiration from vernacular Korean, Japanese and Chinese ceramics; to conceive of the project as an exercise in refinement of certain functional objects common to the world of housewares; and to pay tribute to the painter Giorgio Morandi through the study of colours and the use of different materials such as metal, glass and wood in a variety of forms. In its inspiration this Service was intended to comprise a collection of nearly random and typologically ambiguous objects somewhere in the area between crafts and industry. These new objects complete the “Tonale” Service continuing its quest for purity of expression on the boundary between these two worlds" Alberto Alessi

This collection of vessels and plates in a smooth, fine-grained stoneware is robust and ovenproof yet has a light, delicate feel. Plates and bowls in different sizes are multi-purpose; so a handleless cup can be used for wine, water, coffee, or a cold or hot dessert. The colours are subtle and understated and include gradations of grey, pink, white and yellow. There is also a glass carafe rather like a milk bottle, plus a drinking glass, an enamelled tray and a wooden board. Simple volumes and pale colors are elements David Chipperfield Architects have incorporated in this beautiful contemporary and timeless range.

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