Tuesday, 2 August 2016

August 2016

To say that I am a little bit unprepared for the arrival of August - is not quite an understatement....
Yet, I will take this little bull of a month by the figurative horns and make the absolute most of it!

My energy still seems to ebb and flow like the tides come and go - and I am learning to just go with it.  I stack up on juices and smoothies and healthy concoctions by the gallon loads it would seem.
Watermelon is top of my list for my daily fix.

And with summer now in full swing - bar the wintry grey skies of the past few days - we must trust that even better days are still a coming

And as its way past my bedtime already - I hope you're all in good spirits and good form to enjoy this August month - and make the most of it, the most best of the best


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