Monday, 8 February 2016


Happy Chinese New Year.... even if I'm just on the edge of still being within timings

Year of the Monkey

I would like to live this year without thinking of it as another year, but just living each day - as the only day that will ever count

Its a good habit off course to have goals and to make plans - yes, but to continuously live in that future dream can sometimes distort the realities we are creating in the here and now

More action and more dreams will come true

Cause its up to me and its up to you to go off and take that first step, make that leap of faith - grab each and every opportunity with all you have and make life happen!

Yay - and on that note, wishing you dreams that will start manifesting into your realities
Healthy lives and healthy minds and my any unwellness just keep moving along when they stop at your door
Friendships, love and yes always leave a trail of glittery sparkle wherever you go
Cause you're made of magic and stardust and have the whole universe in the stare of your eye....

Image by me ... tube journeys are so much shorter now I'm creating stuff again

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