Saturday, 30 January 2016


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Good morning, its time to rise and shine....

A whole weekend of wonderfulness await - but alas in order for us to rise and shine bright and fresh and ready for the day - it really starts the night before

Some of us are nightowls and that is when we do our best work, our most creative juices flows freely in those hours when the sandman normally drops by with his bags of sleepy sand...  and for others of us we love the magic of the early morning hours when the rest of the world is still covered in a haze of sleepfull dreams and beautiful restfulness....

I am unfortunately a bit of both, and so thus the struggle sometimes are stronger between the two - of which one will get the overhand tonight.

Today I would like to share a new little regime which somehow seems to work for me for those early morning rises

no 1 ... get yourself ready for an early night
- remind yourself that your body needs sleep to repair and restore itself and it needs rest from all the business we put it through
- I function best on a good 7 to 7 1/2 hours sleep - and I get up at around 5am most days
- which in return means I try to be in bed by 9.30pm latest
- we are all different and all function slightly differently - find what works best for you, and stick to it

no 2 ... set an intention for the next day - something nice 
- for example the thought of buying fresh flowers the next day is something nice to look forward to
- or going for an early morning run before the day kicks in
- or like today - my intention was to allow myself a bit of time to play around with some new fonts in photoshop (final result above)

no 3 ... as you close your eyes - remind yourself to be gratefulness, grateful for the day that has passed, grateful for the experiences you have had, grateful for the lessons learnt and grateful for the peaceful nights sleep that now awaits.  I then welcome sleep and allow my body and mind to gently fall into that state of bliss 

no 4 ... upon waking up - I immediately put a smile on my face in order to stir wakefulness

no 5 ... upon waking up - I remind myself again to be grateful for the good nights sleep - and then I allow sleep to let go of me, so I can awake my mind and body gently into the new day....

no 6 ... nothing like a good stretch and then onto your morning routine - I've started the 5 Tibetans this past week and I'm finding it a good all round stretch for my body and it is also quite energising

And on that note - I wish you all a good start to the weekend, and a good ending to the first month of the year.  I have decided that as the years and months now start to fade into one - each month I will create a little photographic storie (google photo's is great for doing this) of my month.  Movies I watched, and the clothes I wore and the friends I spent time with and the plans I'm working on.... and more importantly also to include all the wonderful synchronicities and magic that happened - I've had a good few of these in January already

Image: designed by me

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