Friday, 1 January 2016


So here we are again - 365 days on
How far have you journeyed this past year and how far have you come - I can imagine for some it may have been smooth sailing and for others it may have been all hands on deck to keep the boat afloat

I've had my highs and my lows and some downs and plenty of ups!

And that's ok, because we are only human after all, we are here to learn and to experience the fullness of what it is to be human.  But we are also magic and light and part of a universe so magnificent and vast I don't think we'll ever be capable to fully comprehend it all.  Yeah, that's how hard it is for me to comprehend, I call it 'it all' everything, everywhere, but it's more than that  - we are part of the past and we are part of the future - if any one of us were not playing our part in the past - the very future of so many beings and fellow humans may have been impacted.

And to bring that all back into perspective - your part in this life is an important one - play your part with all you've got - give it no half measures - there is no dress rehearsal and we only have this one chance.  This one take, this one life.  Be bold and stand your ground - you have greatness within you beyond even your own comprehension - like I said we are all magic and stardust and light but we are also soul ...  and our souls will live on forever

The soul needs nourishing just like we feed our bodies wholesome food, or exercise to keep healthy and fit.  Sometimes the best nourishment for our soul is to be quiet, to become quiet - to let our thoughts ponder here, and gently sit over there - just flow in and out like our breath - a full circle of continuous air that flows in and out of our lungs - sometimes when we consciously breathe we will stretch our lungs to the vastness of their capacity - and then we exhale and it feels so good - what feels good is to have stretched our capacity our boundaries and there - right there right now you have done it.... you have completely zoned out just thinking about your breathing - and by doing that you have allowed yourself some quiet, your soul will now sing a soft melody of gratefulness to you.   
Grateful that you allowed it to just flow and float and be - the more we allow ourselves to this place of just being - I believe the closer we get to our true being, and the more creative we become to more content we become - and then - we step it up, gently - so we don't get stagnant, we need to keep moving and keep growing and keep being curious....

And now back to the now to this first day of the year - let's go get things done, little by little day by day - let's grow, but lets water some fellow souls along the way, so we can grow together - collectively - let's grow and let's shine bright - the more we dust away the cobwebs from our souls - the more our souls will shine through - and soul to soul shining brightly we'll get connected more and more along the way...

Here's to a soulful and beautiful and bright and bold 2016

Thank you for stopping by and thank you for being part of my journey - thank you for shining bright and thank you for allowing me to grow with you


Image by me - an urban village original

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