Monday, 13 July 2015


One of the things I'm enjoying most about my new freelance job, is researching new Architecture and Design studios to introduce our finishes to.  I'm always just so amazed and inspired by the very many talented studios and individuals out there thinking and designing and plotting away to create these beautiful spaces for us mere mortals to enjoy.  Thank you all - you are making our world beautiful!

So here we have the cafe at the Regents Park Open Air Theatre which recently had a spectacular re-design by B3 Designers based in the trendy Metropolitan Wharf in London's E1W (Wapping I say) I popped by there last week to drop in some samples, and it's quite an inspirational space, with a nice little cafe, and a terrace with tables and chairs over looking the Thames.... 

And I quote via B3 Designers website: 

'In May 2015, The Regents Park Open Air Theatre reopens it doors for a new season.

Our brief from the client was to readdress the function and impact of the f&b offers at the open air theatre. We redesigned the existing bar and café offerings and converted the existing merchandise area to a small kitchen and dispense bar, to maximise service and overall theatre experience for guests.

Tone of voice 
The overall style and tone if the space is in keeping with the casual language of the space, materials have been kept materials raw and organic with down-to-earth furniture choices. Industrial lighting and concrete bar tops sit alongside reclaimed timber, with expanded metal and mild steel used for details. We aimed to preserve the comfortable and casual offering of the existing space that sits within the natural park surroundings.. 

Key areas / Summer café
Initially your eye might glide to the mild-steel hanging rails hang above the back bar area, with black boards that hook on with steel hooks for flexibility. The client needed the space to be flexible so we incorporated small features like clamp on lights which can be directed to illuminate new promotions or key products on offer on the shelves below. These scaffold board shelves, with mild steel trims, line the back wall at different heights to change the pace of VM display. A UV bonded glass display box sits on top of the counter to allow fresh produced to be displayed. Oak timber boards with varied heights also sit on the counter to present the cafes food offerings. We have addressed the queuing system, optimising the layout of the café counter and equipment to ensure fast and easy service.We were approached by the theatre who wanted to readdress their F&B offers.'

I'm loving this space so much so that I may need to go and grab a spot of lunch there over the weekend - especially while the summer is here - best to make the most of what London has to offer while the good weather allows (bar today off course.... grey and wet and wet and grey - and yuk windy!)

Images and text via b3designers

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