Monday, 20 July 2015


Another beautiful restaurant design - this time all the way from India! and at AJA restaurant in Chandigarh 

A lot of things work really well in this space - and lots of really interesting and eye catching elements.  My favorite things (take a guess) would the the wall panels that look a lot like polished cement to me, but it could also be a polished plaster finish.  I like the wooden elements they have incorporated in various aspects of the design - and aren't those chairs with the low backs just so divine!

What they had to say about the project:

We at Arch.lab, conceived this project as a space where nature fuses with art, creating a unique environment reflecting the character of the city. The space is also designed to favor interactions, exchanges and relationships, thus making the whole experience more meaningful.  'Aja' offers a completely unseen world with a unique blend of nature with architecture. The entire space is sunken to separate it physically and psychology from the outdoor environment.

Project by Arch.Lab

Images by Purnesh Dev Nikhanj via ArchDaily

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