Tuesday, 7 April 2015


If you are at all surprised by how quickly the past 2 months have raced past.... Well join the club!  I'm not the biggest fan of wishing time to pass, but this time round I am actually getting rather excited because in exactly one weeks time I'll be on board my flight awaiting the final safety announcements before take off....

I'll be on my way to Bali for just under 3 weeks of solo exploration, sunrise yoga retreating,  mindfulness meditations, energising qi gong and relaxing tai chi surrounded by from what I can gather one of the most beautiful places on earth.  And I must admit.... I am rather happy to only be exploring it now,  in my 40th year (as my french ex boyfriend would often remind me)

I have my notebooks a ready and topped up on some new little much needed gadgets and accessories, hoping to try and travel light... but not so sure this time round

First stop on my trip is Teras Bali in Sidemen....a little resort nestled between the rice fields. ... I will have two luxurious days here to readjust and then I'm off to my retreat on gili air

Wish me luck on this one you all, and I'll definitely be posting lots of little snippets along the way.
Also for photos of my trip check out my Instagram ... anurbanvillage

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  1. Aah!! best I follow you on instagram! Aah this is precisely what I need in my life right! Looks incredible!! I cannot wait for you. Super excited! Enjoy every second of it. Breathe deeply and capture moments in your heart forever.xx