Monday, 2 March 2015


And finally I'm settled and all moved into my new space.  I didn't move far.... just up a flight of stairs, but what a difference and what a delight!  The saying goes... a change is as good as a holiday, and that couldn't be truer right now!  I loved my old room don't get me wrong, and I spent just over 3 1/2 very happy years in that light and bright space.  But I think there comes a time for us all to need just a tad more space - still in a shared house, cause that is how most of us Londoners live - by choice or not...

I am fortunate though, and very grateful to live in a beautiful house, in an area I adore - and sharing with some lovely new housemates.  Its all good!  And change is good.

The changing of the seasons,  a bit more blue skies, but still that slight freshness and a bite in the air.  I love knowing that spring is almost almost here!  And I do feel like I am slowly waking from my hibernation, from that dark place I have fallen prey to.... the weight is lifting and I feel like I am slowly awakening my purpose again - stepping back into the path that will lead me towards the future....

So, with a grateful heart and from my cosy new bed - I wish you all a good night, a good rest and some sweet dreaming

Tomorrow awaits, and oh tomorrow I will welcome you with open arms, an open heart and big happy smile - tomorrow you'll be mine!


Image - just a little quick snap of my little sleeping arrangement in my new loft room.... more to follow soon

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