Sunday, 8 February 2015


So finally I am sharing some images of inspiration and some sketches of my little project in South Africa.  The plan is for this little spot to be a week-end getaway which will truly be like no other... A space where one can switch off completely - and just be.  Be and enjoy being;  reconnect with loved ones, reconnect with yourself -  a space where time will really feel like its standing still.  I want it to be fully sustainable and self sufficient, especially with the load sharing and water supply that is of major concern in that beautiful country.  Still so much potential, but still sadly so badly administered...

Still regardless of all that - I am still positive about my little project, and it is something I want to get off the ground sooner rather than later; I want to be able to enjoy it with my family when I visit, but especially with my parents who have been dreaming with me for such a very long time.  I want them to experience all the years of sketching and planning and dreaming, but also for me - it will at least be something worthwhile I'm hoping to do with my life.

I also want to open it up as a retreat of sorts - where people who are keen to make some lifestyle changes can book in for a stay and become more aware of how easy it can be to live a more fulfilling life - just making small changes every day, which then soon will become the big changes!

My sketches are not quite there, but I'm liking the current layout -  there will also be a bigger space at a later stage.  But I think starting small is starting well.  But most certainly some additions as time goes by - and a splashpool is one of them forsure!

My little get away is opposite a nature reserve - so really a place with uninterrupted views into the far distance, wild flowers and birds and I imagine some weird and wild creatures which us citydwellers will not be used to finding in the outdoors!

Anyone with some feedback or comments or if you know of interesting products and materials I can consider for the construction will be most welcome - or if you would like to share any other thoughts or ideas - please do get in touch I'd love to hear from you!  (info(at)lindedavies(dot)co(dot)uk ) or misslinde(at)gmail(dot)com.  Being in the northern hemisphere planning something for the southern hemisphere is not always easy - I want to make the most of the sun, when really in the south you want to be shaded from the sun most of the time... little things like that!

Well - least I'm kindof back on track again now - and .... hopefully as this progress through the different stages I'll be sharing more as time goes by.  Thanks for visiting and have a super week!


Images via Pinterest mostly here:  plot-3604-weekend-getaway
and here:  plot-3604-weekend-getaway-flooring/
and here:  plot-3604-weekend-getaway-master-suite/

Sketches by me


  1. Eek!! I'll be there! Let me know when you're opening! I'll be the first to get away right there!! Yikes! This is incredible and is going to be even more so!

    1. You'd be oh so very welcome! Excited and hope my little get away will be all I dreamt it to be. x