Tuesday, 7 January 2014


This is my holiday countdown tree.  When I was little and we were counting down to the holidays or something exciting happening my mom used to get us to draw a tree and cross off an apple each day as we're getting closer to the happy day.

I've just booked my holidays to Cape Town - big hurrah!!  And my mom mentioned this idea to me again, so I thought it will be a nice way to countdown the days to my holiday.  I will animate the tree and each day one apple will from the tree until there are non left.  Which would be when my vacation will start!

Keep checking back if you'd like to see how this develops and turns out.  And maybe something magical will happen on the last day!

I guess I'm still just a little girl at heart, who loves drawing pretty pictures all day long if she can

Images and animation - by me

On Holiday!