Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014 - 365 days of New Year

Its the start of a New Year, and a new chapter.  Or even a new book!

But each day is really a fresh new start and a fresh new chapter - a whole 24 hours in your credit which you can spend as you wish.  Time is precious, and time is the only commodity we cannot get back once its been spent.  Its the memories of how you spend your time that will last for a lifetime!  Lets always be aware to spend our time wisely and pleasantly.

Take time and call your parents - they are old and won't be around forever.  Make the most of your time with them while they are around.  They are precious and they are irreplaceable.  And even though our lives gets so busy with our own day to day chores and runnings arounds - sometimes the only highlight in their day is to hear from us.  Let's not take that away from them.

Take time and call the youngsters - so they can realise and appreciate the importance of staying connected in real life,  to hear someones voice - you can tell a lot by someone's voice;  often hidden behind the letters of a keyboard.  But a real voice cannot hide happiness, or sadness or excitedness.
Take time and call your friends - they are always there for us, to spend happy times with and sad times, to go shopping and do enjoy chats over coffees or meanderings.  But sometimes a call just to say hello can mean so much more to that person - for you it may be just a call to say hello; but for them it can make their day!

And then enjoy all the little things that come our way.  How the barrista at your favourite cafe makes your coffee just how you like it - take a moment be grateful for that small delight, and then lets try multiply that and make someone else's day special in any small way we can.  And somehow in the bigger scheme of things the universe will smile down on us all.

Here's to a bright new year, a bright new wonderful year for us all!  xx

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