Thursday, 21 November 2013


Micro House is a compact dwelling concept and measures in at just 22 square meters.  The house is detachable and therefore suited for different locations and climatic areas.  It is easily disassembled and transported and can be located in different areas, in urban city areas, in the mountains or beach.

Designed by Gabrijela Tumbas to accommodate four people for a period of one month and organised on two levels with sleeping and working desk raised to an upper level, and the downstairs sofa converts into an additional double bed.  It’s a perfect place for young people who love to travel.

I love this whole concept and think the space has been utilised very cleverly.  However, we all have stuff and where do we put all this stuff .... for example your luggage and your clothes.   Even just going away for a weekend has at least a couple of bags (one for camera's chargers and laptops or tablets and the other for clothes and toiletries) 

Small spaces are kindof my thing right now - off the grid living, water storage tanks, solar panels and may I even add.... living off the fruits of the earth.  Easier said than done is what I'm thinking and I have not even scratched the surface!

Back the Micro House - if this was my space I would perhaps consider utilising one of the walls and create hidden storage panels.  So least your clothes, and towels and extra bedding and bags and luggage can be neatly tucked away.  In my space I would also like to have more windows - I totally understand and appreciate the concept of this design and it looks really beautiful, but in my ideal world I would like big window panels that you can open up and let the fresh country air in.

I will add a fireplace and a hanging chair - and with that I've added at least a couple of extra square meters to this lovely and perfect Micro House.  I guess in essence even though I am always thinking of small space living, I know that one day it will be highly unlikely for me to function in such a small space for more than a weekend.

First spotted and images via the awesomer
More details via behance 

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  1. Great design. I'd change a few things here and there such as raising the bed for draws underneath, making more office equipment space and book storage. It would be great as a sleep out but not long term living. However for longer term living I would use a similar design type but utilize double the space.