Wednesday, 16 January 2013



Tonight was one of those nights.... icy cold outside .... nice and cozy inside.  And what better way to spend the evening, than with a hot chocolate in one hand, my keyboard in the other and my favorite blogs on my screen...

But tonight I stumbled upon a new blog called PLANETE DECO a homes world
written by a Parisian called Lilly Rose.  I've just read her introduction and she sounds lovely and sweet and like all of us she is dreaming of a bigger brighter home!  Well Lilly Rose, here's to all our dreams come true...

On Planete Deco I found this post - about a beautiful family holiday home on the West Coast of South Africa, a couple of hours drive from Cape Town - located in a small see side town called 'Dwarskersbos'. 

I can now vaguely recall this project: while I was living in Cape Town a couple of years ago - I managed an interiors showroom called 'Cured Cement' and we worked with an amazing range of cement/ concrete finishing products by a well known manufacturer called Cemcrete.  One of our applicators at the time mentioned this project to me.  I'm just going to reconfirm it's definitely his work, so I can link him in.

I am still a very big fan of concrete finishes, especially when it's done with such perfection.... 
a perfect imperfection as those in the know will say.  I love the warmer tones they have used in this house against the crisp white walls and perfect blue skies.

My sister has a beautiful holiday home called 'C'est La Vie' in the same coastal town and I'm hoping to spend a good few days there in March with my family.  Sunshine, sea and sand and wide open spaces await.

And until then... I can just keep dreaming of my own retreat of a holiday home....

The original feature was in House and Leisure

Just found some more amazing images here:  Casa Sanchia

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