Wednesday, 27 June 2012


They are busy renovating the building next door to my office - well that's putting in gently.  About 50cm's from my desk on the other side of my wall they are pretty much tearing a building down.  Yes that sums it up nicely.  Constant deep drilling, banging, knocking down of walls, the sound of walls crumbling - yes all very exciting - but not if you're trying to be concentrating, answering phones and typing emails right next door.

So... I took a bit of time out, made a nice coffee, browsed the internet and came across these soothing images.   Hoping they will sooth this rumbling noise away too.... For now I am dreaming of sitting in that beautiful chair, with the doors wide open and the fresh summer sunshine streaming in.

Looking at these sparsely styled interiors it does inspire one to also live a less cluttered, a more calm life, a life of less material things and more time to enjoy the beauty of each day.

.... and there the drilling has just started again, this time at a slightly higher pitch .... wish me luck everyone!!


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