Tuesday, 13 December 2011


From snowed in minimalism to this beautiful and simplistic desert haven...

"The client required a house that is open to nature and at the same time is secure because it will be used only for vacationing and will be unused during 8 months of the year. The maintenance needed to be minimum and the materials needed to withstand hurricane seasons.

Basically the house is one open floor plan for the common areas and the bedrooms are more enclosed to have privacy.

The main structure of the house is composed of concrete matching the natural color of the local dirt, this way we blend with the local nature. We utilized to main walls that are east and west facades. We covered them with "talavera" to try to bring a traditional interpretation of Mexican architecture and looking at it in a more contemporary way.

The floor plan is very easy and flexible because of the linear structure of the house, basically we centralized the common areas that includes kitchen, dinning, and living and opened them to the main terrace and the pool. And on one side we added the master bedroom with a bathroom. And to the north we added two more bedrooms with a shared bathroom. The simplicity of the floor plan matches the simplicity of the design of the exterior, this way we tried to make a sanctuary to rest and to enjoy nature."

This kind of architecture just really works for me - it's basic, it's rectangular and it blends in well with the natural environment.  All aspects had been considered, and even the security gates adds a rustic element that works well with the overall design.

This prototype could work very well for my 'Darling Project'



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