Wednesday, 30 November 2011

HOUSE B8 BY 56.02

House B8 is located in Huentelauquen, Chile and designed by 56.02 (Mauricio Bruna-Fruns, Ursula Oliva, Alejandro Gandarillas, Pablo Muñoz) with the total area of the house 91 sqm.
The photographs are taken by Alejandro Gandarillas.  

"All the “wet” areas and the BBQ are condensed in a one wall/volume that runs through the entire south facade, this decision helped to create more flexible spaces.

One of the main goals was to expand the constructed area, without increasing the original budget assigned to the house, to the related activities and situations that would be developed considering the owners life style. In order to achieve this, an articulating interior patio was proposed with the same dimensions of the standard module that is used in the house entry. This operation allowed the formation of an open outdoors space, protected from the wind and also a terrace, located with the same orientation as the mentioned outdoors space, towards the exterior. The compilation of all things transforms a 50m2 house into a 91m2 total.

As a third decision, to divide the different spaces, the boundary material selected was sliding glass panels. These elements have the possibility to move, generating an interior-exterior limit that can be controlled by the user as he wishes to. This sliding operation allows to create different spaces, in addition to that, the onsite furniture plus the non existence of partition walls, results in a house where the divisions and subdivisions are only applied trough these glass panels and furniture."

I just love the simplicity of this design and how comfortably it sits in its natural environment.  I imagine the wooden panels on the facade will quite well over time, and leave a lovely greyish-brown finish (or maybe not).  It seems quite simple, but I imagine a lot of thought has gone into this space - firstly as there were some budgetary concerns and secondly to bare in mind the natural conditions of the site (ie coastal with strong winds at times)

The separate guestroom with en-suite shower room allows some privacy for visitors, and yet not totally secluded - something I have not quite fully figured out for my own space - how to incorporate a separate guestroom - still part of the main space.  And House B8 has really got my creative juices going again!  Hurray!  

The central courtyard really pulls the whole design together, allowing beautiful views from all rooms.  My plot has a very similar landscape and vegetation - and has uninterrupted views of a nature reserve - sadly no ocean views.... but it will be a holiday home, so I'm happy with a natural open space to look out onto.  I do like the wooden cladding - the idea is growing on me - but then again I also like the idea of a more weathered white-grey cement paint with a slightly mottled finish (and it's very low maintenance which is a big plus) and perhaps some distressed and aged wood incorporated somewhere.  I will keep the garden natural so it will flow over the dirt road and into the nature reserve uninterruptedly.  I might add some wildflowers scattered here and there as the area is known and popular in springtime with visitors from wide and far!

Here's a link to the picturesque little town of Darling

Anyone with ideas of how to incorporate all these things into my dream holiday home .... I'd love to hear from you!

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