Friday, 4 November 2011


Today I thought I'd share my inspiration for a little week-end getaway that I've been working on for many many years.  There is a plot of land, in a small town called 'Darling' in the Western Cape of South Africa.  And on this plot of land, someday I am hoping to build a dreamy getaway!

A bit more about the plot of land, it is opposite a nature reserve and thus has uninterrupted views over the landscape.  I have placed the lounge area as to make the most of this picturesque view.  There is a big fireplace next to the entrance, and to the right of the entrance will be a small desk and chair, also looking out over the views.  Next to the desk will be a bookshelf and a very comfy chair and lamp.

The plot gradually slants towards the back.  I thought to incorporate this into the design, and leading down from the lounge area - there are some chunky wooden sleeper steps leading down to the next level - the risers will be slightly lower than your average step and also slightly longer.  Next to the stairs will be a beautiful courtyard, and to the left of the stairs hidden storage.  Behind the storage will be the kitchen worktop, and I saw something quite amazing to encase these units in distressed driftwood.

The kitchen will be small yet functional with a big table, with a bench and chairs, big glass doors will open up onto the outside terrace area.  The lounge will be open to the kitchen, and thus a continuous open space.  The lounge will also open onto the terrace, and will have a wide ledge to sit on, and perhaps a few oversized square and rectangular steps towards to rest of the terrace, still need to figure this bit out properly.

From the kitchen, the sleeping area will be another level lower, again a large plant of sleeper wood will be the step down into the sleeping area.  I am thinking to perhaps have some light and weightless white curtains which you can draw to enclose the space - if needs be.  But for this current design idea, I am liking the openness of the space, with the varying levels allowing separate areas.  In the sleeping area I will have a small indoor garden, just a few bits of bamboo, or greenery - and a hanging chair or hammock.  A big window will allow early morning sunshine to fill the space.  Next to the indoor garden will be storage for clothes - not sure if I want traditional wardrobes or open shelves - finishes in polished concrete.

The bathroom is easily assessable from all areas, and the door will slide open entirely so when you have a bath/ shower you will overlook the courtyard space.  The toilet is slightly separate and that's how I prefer it to be. 

The roof will be flat, and because of the drop in the indoor space, the bedroom will have amazing high ceilings, perhaps with a narrow skylight in the area between the kitchen and sleeping area.  I want whitewashed beams and the some walls will not be plastered, but painted white - this is referred to as a 'bagged wall' in SA.  Mostly whites and hints of subtle greys will complete this week-end getaway!

Please send me your comments or ideas, this is probably the 100th drawing that I've done.  And I will upload the other versions as well, so I can perhaps get a better idea of exactly how I'd like the space to be, and also to share with you how my thinking has changed over the years.  I will add some images to this post in time.

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