Friday, 9 December 2016


an urban village original


What does it mean though to be you’
In a world where we are constantly being bombarded by having to behave this way or that way or looking like we have just stepped off a magazine cover or driving this car or that - what about just being you - to not be recognized as a matter of your belongings or what you have achieved - but to be recognised by your truth, by speaking your truth and by living your truth and by standing up for your truth

I believe the more of us stand together in our uniqueness, in our perfectly flawed humanness - that vibration of realness will start resonating with more and more people and soon we will be a whole collective of humanity - a mass of humankind - human kind - that in our tribes and droves will pull together and form a powerful movement of love and of light and of warmth 
I think its already started happening

I imagine a beautiful spiderweb with soft sparkly threads with each strand connecting at very specific points to form the most perfect web
Imagine each one of us - are those connecting points on that beautiful and perfectly formed web - our place just perfect and within that we form a perfect whole.
Now imagine I want to be you - so I start mirroring you, your behaviour - what you say and what you do, how you do your hair …. and soon my connecting point disappears and your connecting point becomes thicker - if more and more of us want to become someone else - the more and more gaps there will be forming in this once perfectly formed web - and it will start being off balance

When the web has too many holes - too many copies of copies of copies of people - the web will become too week to stay strong enough to stick together….. and we will start picking holes in each other because of the holes in our web
It feels like we need to almost forget everything we think we now and learn anew how to be me and you how to be you - spend some time hanging with your soul - and really feel how does it feel to just be you
You are enough, you are perfect - you are exactly where you need to be
The more true we become to our selves - the more space we make for our soul to shine, and the less space there is for our ego to want to change us into something we are not.  When we are in this state of accepting our true self - just purely by the act of acceptance, we are allowing ourselves the space to grow into the most perfect version of ourselves - and therefore move back to our original space, our original connecting point in that perfectly formed web - imagine it so thin and so beautiful yet so delicate with sunlight and dewdrops now being caught by this web - and suddenly the most beautiful rainbow colours are reflecting and shining out from each and every connecting point on this web - and this web is starting to rotate and move and with each rotation each connecting point are getting stronger and stronger and truer and truer to themselves - yet it all happens collectively because of the connectivity between each of us, between each point - until it reaches a point where the force of the rotation causes the web the disintegrate in the most beautiful of explosion allowing each one of those tiny little connecting points to go off into the atmosphere and slowly growing new connections and forming a new webs until the whole is connected as one big beautiful rainbow of magnificence

Imagine recognising each other from a place of truth- and moving in our lives from that place of realness and rawness - but also imagine once we start accepting ourselves and our place - by accepting it - we are actively standing in our place - and therefore we are allowing ourselves the space to grow into where we need to be…… its all about the ebbing and the flowing like the phases of the moon and tides - neither are fighting the other - a perfect unison in movement creating an energy field that will draw in what is needed and release what no longer serves us
Making space to draw in more of what is needed and releasing each time that which no longer serves us ….. nothing is permanent, we are forever changing - but only by accepting our truth we are allowing the changing to happen - when we are fighting our truth - that is when we become stuck, we become stagnant - we feel stuck
And because we think from a place of self and not from a place of truth -the place of self wants to be seen
The place of truth is just being

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