Thursday, 24 November 2016


Photo:  Lindé Davies
I am almost 2 weeks back from my trip to Bali.  I took my laptop so I could write and blog each day - but my mind had me none of that.  I wanted to share my trip as the days go by - but no
I felt empty of words - and not in a bad way - in a good way - almost like I was empty so I can be filled right up again by the experiences of my trip
Almost like just being there was enough - it felt like there was no need to write about it while I was there - and I did not try

I guess a part of me, just wanted to just be there, enjoy being there and soak it all - and then one day when I am ready to share, it will hopefully find the right words out - to do just that.

So today I will start sharing bits and pieces from my trip - sometimes it may be lots of images and sometimes it may just be a single one photo.  I may have lots to say or I may just have no words at all and let the images and photos and memories I capture - stir your senses and create your own stories from looking at them

I took this while we were wondering the sandy island paths and roads of Gili Air in Lombok

'Kids with a Kite'

I hope you like it too

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