Thursday, 7 July 2016


Simplicity in form and function

This is a very beautiful and somewhat minimal space - but the use of a splash of colour makes it feel somewhat more inviting and adds that splash of fun and adventure

If I could move in tomorrow - I'll probably add lots of plants and greenery in oversized pots

But nothing more.  I actually dreamt I was buying an apartment last night, and I even dreamt signing for the keys, and the security fob to get in and out of the building.   My apartment was number 617 or 620 and a friend bought an apartment on the floor below me.  I was getting really excited about unpacking my lovely kitchenware and white pots and ceramic wok ....
And then I went to say hello to someone else who was already moving into their flat - and they had so much stuff, and a whole stack of knives and forks and spoons that he was packing away all mixed up together and putting them into a square shelf ... and I thought to myself ...  isn't this a bit odd?

Anyhow a nice feeling that excitement - and I want to keep that alive into today and also into the weekend and harness this energy and plough it back into my own projects again - reclaiming that ever so important work life balance - but my oh my how have I missed it!

Sometimes we put in so much, so many hours and often - there is not much to gain at the end of the day - but exhaustion, frustration and feeling rather stuck in a rut.  It is up to is to reclaim that balance, to recharge property, to not over promise - but to still deliver.  And when we have a happy worklife balance - we feel happier and more energized and recharged, and we allow ourselves the time to focus on what's really important in our lives and how we can have a valuable input into the lives of others

And also sometimes we need to realise when it is time for change
And then start making them happen!

Images via Arrows
Images by Maxine Jansens

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