Wednesday, 1 June 2016


An Urban Village Original
Can it really be June already?  Somehow it feels like I'm only just getting into gear for the new year, and yet we are almost at the half way mark ... and it kind of scares the living daylights out of me.  It scares me because I'm realising just all over again how precious this thing called 'time' really is.

And I'm sorry for the long absence here - I've been feeling like I've lost my voice somehow - and it is only just starting to trickle back again... but its shaky and its slight and I need to work on it - to feel it, to feel my voice before I speak it... I think its going to be a process but .... least I'm back and I want to be back for good this time.

I don't want other things or commitments or work to take me away from this one thing that has really carried me through one of the most dreadful times of my life... and I guess what's probably been happening is that some of those emotions have resurfaced again - and somehow subconsciously it has taken me away from the one thing that helped me heal

And now even as I'm writing and typing these words - I can see it more clearly now

What is dragging me down, is also keeping me from writing and sharing - and... by writing and sharing I can somehow gently fight what's dragging me down - and instead of allowing the negativity to drag me down - I can share something inspiring something beautiful something from my soul - and by just one positive share a day - I will stand up I will stand tall and I will stand my ground - in gently doing so - I know my voice will return again.

One day at a time, one post at a time - and by taking this time out of my day to write these few words - is one major accomplishment for me today

So - a big happy heartfelt cheer - cause I'm feeling excited about the direction I'm steering towards and I hope you'll all stay around for the journey - exploring - being curious - being active - being the change - making some changes - and little by little by changing our thoughts we will change our mindsets - and by changing our mindsets we will change how we view things - and by changing how we view things - we will them in a different light .... and once that light has gone on, and is shining from within - we would want to share that light and lightness of being - and make those changes to save not only ourselves but also those closest to us, and zooming out into the much bigger picture

Here's to making changes that will help save the world


Image: an urban village original

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