Monday, 4 January 2016


Thought I'd like to share with you these little 'to do' lists I've designed.  I use them on my Samsung note 4 - in the S Note app - and I can write with my S pen little lists or reminders, or like today I saw someone reading a book on the tube that looked interesting and I noted it down in my notes.

Now... it only took me best part of a year, to figure out how to format my S Note in a way that I can use these lists properly - so here we go:

Open a new S Note
In the top right hand corner click the three dots and a drop down menu will appear
Click 'page options' from that list
Now click 'change background'
Click the picture thumbnail on the top row
Now click 'image' 
And go to the image you'd like to use as the background for your to do lists
(I use today first, then this week, then this month, then this year) and select
It will ask you to crop the image (so these are formatted for my specific needs, but I may share some more generic sizes in the coming days)
Click save
Click Ok
And there you go - ready to start scribbling your todo's and hopefully this will be a year for you as well as for me when we just get things done

Sometimes we need to remember about something that needs to happen this week, but not necessarily today.   Other times we need to do something today or else....

And sometimes we need to just be reminded of certain important things to get done throughout the year, or a reminder of where or what we're heading towards.

In stead of carrying a notebook or diary with me, I just use this to note down my day to day reminders on my phone, which is with me every moment of every day of my life ... pretty much

If you'd like me to reformat, or resize any of these - or if you'd like me to do some custom to do notes - just give me a shout and I'd be happy to be creative with you!  And any suggestions, comments or feedback will as always be very welcome indeed.

Graphic design and concept by me for an urban village

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