Monday, 11 January 2016


One of the things I want to really focus on this year, well not really this year as such, but from now onwards - is to focus more of my energies on the things I am passionate about - and less of the things I feel I need to do just to pay the bills

We are alive, each one of us have a purpose, a calling - and each day I am going to strive more and more to realign and get closer to my purpose.  If something or someone for that matter is going to keep me away, or stand between me reaching my calling, then that thing or person will slowly start falling away and disappearing out of my life.  

From now onwards - only those experiences, or things or people that bring me closer to my passions, that bring me into a more aligned natural state, and that will help me find my true life's calling - those things and people and experiences and opportunities I will welcome and attract into my life. But first I need to start with me, make time to be quiet, make time to allow my mind to wonder, make time to be creative - set aside a specific time for all of the above and then, get back to work to make things happen!

Some wonderful magic is already happening, tiny ripple effects, tiny baby steps - but good things are happening, and will keep happening the more aligned we become - I have been noticing it, and experiencing it.  All we need to do, is keep being present, not be wasteful dreaming my time away (I can be a bit of a dreamer sometimes)  and to be actively participating in creating the life according to the purpose of our amazingly unique callings.  By keeping your vibrations high, and your energies pure you'll become more aware of the energies around you - which to invite into your life, and which to kindly turn away - and be grateful each and every day

And let us shine brightly, so others who are on the same journey can be ignited to venture forth, by our light

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