Sunday, 3 January 2016


Being a big fan of Japanese architecture and how well they can come up with such creative ideas - thinking way way outside the box .... its no wonder that this little 'box house' swooned me over and grabbed my attention just as I was about to share another project.

Its not a big space - and its modestly furnished - but with that brings a certain 'zenness' and calm
I can imagine the inhabitants happily living their lives not spending hours and hours keeping everything tidy and everything in place.  But what there is is necessary and what there is I'm sure brings them joy.

Things I like here is the entrance, and that 'gabled cutout' -  I wonder if that's something I'd be able to incorporate into my little South African project.... I wonder if the council will allow that kind of fun in the design... well I guess without trying I will never know will I

I like the courtyard upon entry and I also like a lot the step leading up to the living area.  I love dreaming up spaces and using a deep high step, which can also be used as a seat or to create a clear separation between spaces, without the use of walls.

I like the use of plywood, eventhough its not something I would lend myself to personally, but I do like how they have incorporated it here.

Hope you have had a good start to the new year - and hope it stays good throughout

Photographer:  mt. _ Shunichi Koyama
Images via no 555

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