Friday, 29 January 2016


No matter which way you look at it - this is one magnificently well designed kitchen - masculine without feeling overpowering.  Just sophisticated -like the kind of space where you'll be drinking good red wine and putting all the wrongs in the world right - intelligent conversation and inspiring dinner parties..... and I imagine you can easily fall in love with the man pouring you a glass of red from the other side of that island  .....  

That's what this kitchen is saying to me ... and a neat little drawing to show you how it all fits together.  

And off course this kitchen is made in Italy - like all things of good quality and sophistication - you'll find more inspiring projects on the family run Modulnova website

Does make me miss my days of designing beautiful kitchens and photorealistic renders - but I don't miss the loooooooong hours and stress - I do miss the people

Images via Modulnova

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