Tuesday, 26 January 2016


I love the sound of this word - and I love what it represents - and I love the beautiful layout and the softness and sharpness of the design - like someone had put a whole lot of thought and a whole lot of soul into it...

And that's just it really -  it kind of dawns on me a little bit more, each time I read it - it's not about being in the perfect place in your personal life or your professional life or relationship or even family life or the lack thereof - but to me when I read this now - it represents something far deeper - and before when I read it, I longed to be there - that place, that future we sometimes so long for - that moment of contentment - but no

I read this now and the message I receive is so so clear - and it says  - when you do something, do it with soul, give it your all, do it with creativity and do it with love, put yourself into what you are doing whole-heartedly and yes give so much of your all - that you leave a beautiful piece of magical stardust that is you - you leave a bit of yourself behind in whatever it is you're doing.  Now isn't that simply beautiful?  In stead of longing for something that is not yet with us - let us rather be fully engaged in the moment at hand, in the work you do, in the meetings you attend - in the friendships you cultivate and in the company you keep

I imagine in essence the message is also a form of manifestation - to do something with so much soul and so much love and so much creativity - that whatever it is you are doing - it will draw you closer and it will draw closer to you - whatever, wherever and with whomever it is you should be

Wow profound I'm thinking - but content I'm feeling now, that I can understand it.  And that I can live it - I do try, and even though I may not always get it right, I will keep going and keep trying.  I am the art director of this very unique and this one and only life of mine - I'm still finding my way, but I'm happily doing so - and I'm gathering wonderful sparkles of lightness and magic along the way - and also sharing and sprinkling that magic stuff around wherever I go

I'm kind of feeling like I will have a peaceful sleep now - all is ok, all is good and all is exactly how it should be right now.  And tomorrow things may look very different again - and I'll be going through this whole process again - but that's ok because the me of this present moment, will remind the me of the future moment of this moment of contentment and that it is bliss 

Good night all you beautiful creative love filled and light filled souls - here's to the new beginnings of each new day -  with the knowledge and wisdom of the past and with hope and courage and faith in the future 

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