Thursday, 28 January 2016


Swooning over the corrugated steel shell of these porch houses by Lake | Flate Architects

Even though the interior design is very different to my usual minimal whites and greys - I do appreciate that this is what the environment called for, and it is beautifully executed - isn't it just!  The landscape does remind me of the nature reserve that sits opposite my little plot of land in Darling, a small village-like town about an hours drive outside Cape Town

My dad was ever so excited to proclaim that 'absolutely nothing goes on in this town' - when I suggested we spend a week there in March this year, when I'll be visiting my family after not seeing them for 2 whole years!  His statement is not entirely true, and coming from an 80 year old, it did make me wonder - but also gave me hope that he still has a lot of lust for life left in him - this while me and mum had a good giggle  and I could almost see him with his arms waving in the air!  But that was the appeal - it feels like you have stepped back in time - lush farmlands and beautiful wild arid landscape, and .... the ocean a mere 20 minute drive away.

I'm currently looking at a similar approach for my project in South Africa - a white, or soft olive green grey corrugated steel shell, which will house the internal spaces and double volume courtyards - this will allow safety first and foremost, and hopefully also allow for a sustainable way to cool the internal areas, as well as heat the water supply through pipes that will run along the inside of the corrugated steel frame .... I am yet to discuss this idea with a professional... so please don't quote me here!  And as always any thoughts or feedback most welcome!

The full article is here and I will most certainly recommend a read

Images via Remodilista

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