Saturday, 30 January 2016


design: lindédavies
Good morning, its time to rise and shine....

A whole weekend of wonderfulness await - but alas in order for us to rise and shine bright and fresh and ready for the day - it really starts the night before

Some of us are nightowls and that is when we do our best work, our most creative juices flows freely in those hours when the sandman normally drops by with his bags of sleepy sand...  and for others of us we love the magic of the early morning hours when the rest of the world is still covered in a haze of sleepfull dreams and beautiful restfulness....

I am unfortunately a bit of both, and so thus the struggle sometimes are stronger between the two - of which one will get the overhand tonight.

Today I would like to share a new little regime which somehow seems to work for me for those early morning rises

no 1 ... get yourself ready for an early night
- remind yourself that your body needs sleep to repair and restore itself and it needs rest from all the business we put it through
- I function best on a good 7 to 7 1/2 hours sleep - and I get up at around 5am most days
- which in return means I try to be in bed by 9.30pm latest
- we are all different and all function slightly differently - find what works best for you, and stick to it

no 2 ... set an intention for the next day - something nice 
- for example the thought of buying fresh flowers the next day is something nice to look forward to
- or going for an early morning run before the day kicks in
- or like today - my intention was to allow myself a bit of time to play around with some new fonts in photoshop (final result above)

no 3 ... as you close your eyes - remind yourself to be gratefulness, grateful for the day that has passed, grateful for the experiences you have had, grateful for the lessons learnt and grateful for the peaceful nights sleep that now awaits.  I then welcome sleep and allow my body and mind to gently fall into that state of bliss 

no 4 ... upon waking up - I immediately put a smile on my face in order to stir wakefulness

no 5 ... upon waking up - I remind myself again to be grateful for the good nights sleep - and then I allow sleep to let go of me, so I can awake my mind and body gently into the new day....

no 6 ... nothing like a good stretch and then onto your morning routine - I've started the 5 Tibetans this past week and I'm finding it a good all round stretch for my body and it is also quite energising

And on that note - I wish you all a good start to the weekend, and a good ending to the first month of the year.  I have decided that as the years and months now start to fade into one - each month I will create a little photographic storie (google photo's is great for doing this) of my month.  Movies I watched, and the clothes I wore and the friends I spent time with and the plans I'm working on.... and more importantly also to include all the wonderful synchronicities and magic that happened - I've had a good few of these in January already

Image: designed by me

Friday, 29 January 2016


No matter which way you look at it - this is one magnificently well designed kitchen - masculine without feeling overpowering.  Just sophisticated -like the kind of space where you'll be drinking good red wine and putting all the wrongs in the world right - intelligent conversation and inspiring dinner parties..... and I imagine you can easily fall in love with the man pouring you a glass of red from the other side of that island  .....  

That's what this kitchen is saying to me ... and a neat little drawing to show you how it all fits together.  

And off course this kitchen is made in Italy - like all things of good quality and sophistication - you'll find more inspiring projects on the family run Modulnova website

Does make me miss my days of designing beautiful kitchens and photorealistic renders - but I don't miss the loooooooong hours and stress - I do miss the people

Images via Modulnova

Thursday, 28 January 2016


Swooning over the corrugated steel shell of these porch houses by Lake | Flate Architects

Even though the interior design is very different to my usual minimal whites and greys - I do appreciate that this is what the environment called for, and it is beautifully executed - isn't it just!  The landscape does remind me of the nature reserve that sits opposite my little plot of land in Darling, a small village-like town about an hours drive outside Cape Town

My dad was ever so excited to proclaim that 'absolutely nothing goes on in this town' - when I suggested we spend a week there in March this year, when I'll be visiting my family after not seeing them for 2 whole years!  His statement is not entirely true, and coming from an 80 year old, it did make me wonder - but also gave me hope that he still has a lot of lust for life left in him - this while me and mum had a good giggle  and I could almost see him with his arms waving in the air!  But that was the appeal - it feels like you have stepped back in time - lush farmlands and beautiful wild arid landscape, and .... the ocean a mere 20 minute drive away.

I'm currently looking at a similar approach for my project in South Africa - a white, or soft olive green grey corrugated steel shell, which will house the internal spaces and double volume courtyards - this will allow safety first and foremost, and hopefully also allow for a sustainable way to cool the internal areas, as well as heat the water supply through pipes that will run along the inside of the corrugated steel frame .... I am yet to discuss this idea with a professional... so please don't quote me here!  And as always any thoughts or feedback most welcome!

The full article is here and I will most certainly recommend a read

Images via Remodilista

Tuesday, 26 January 2016


I love the sound of this word - and I love what it represents - and I love the beautiful layout and the softness and sharpness of the design - like someone had put a whole lot of thought and a whole lot of soul into it...

And that's just it really -  it kind of dawns on me a little bit more, each time I read it - it's not about being in the perfect place in your personal life or your professional life or relationship or even family life or the lack thereof - but to me when I read this now - it represents something far deeper - and before when I read it, I longed to be there - that place, that future we sometimes so long for - that moment of contentment - but no

I read this now and the message I receive is so so clear - and it says  - when you do something, do it with soul, give it your all, do it with creativity and do it with love, put yourself into what you are doing whole-heartedly and yes give so much of your all - that you leave a beautiful piece of magical stardust that is you - you leave a bit of yourself behind in whatever it is you're doing.  Now isn't that simply beautiful?  In stead of longing for something that is not yet with us - let us rather be fully engaged in the moment at hand, in the work you do, in the meetings you attend - in the friendships you cultivate and in the company you keep

I imagine in essence the message is also a form of manifestation - to do something with so much soul and so much love and so much creativity - that whatever it is you are doing - it will draw you closer and it will draw closer to you - whatever, wherever and with whomever it is you should be

Wow profound I'm thinking - but content I'm feeling now, that I can understand it.  And that I can live it - I do try, and even though I may not always get it right, I will keep going and keep trying.  I am the art director of this very unique and this one and only life of mine - I'm still finding my way, but I'm happily doing so - and I'm gathering wonderful sparkles of lightness and magic along the way - and also sharing and sprinkling that magic stuff around wherever I go

I'm kind of feeling like I will have a peaceful sleep now - all is ok, all is good and all is exactly how it should be right now.  And tomorrow things may look very different again - and I'll be going through this whole process again - but that's ok because the me of this present moment, will remind the me of the future moment of this moment of contentment and that it is bliss 

Good night all you beautiful creative love filled and light filled souls - here's to the new beginnings of each new day -  with the knowledge and wisdom of the past and with hope and courage and faith in the future 

Image credit unknown
Image via Pinterest

Monday, 25 January 2016


Image via rawd_living
Daisy darling
Don't take it all as read
Why don't you ask a few more questions instead?
I know you think that everyone should be paid what they're due
But there are people in this world who don't think like you do.. (K. Polwart)

This post caught my attention recently on Instagram via a bunch of inspiring young people with a vision, with a purpose - they are called -  Rawd_Living - and they are making a difference

Now - I am yet to read the book and I'm certain a chilling update will follow once I've read it - it's on my reading list - so I cannot comment any further about that - however, I am intrigued because I am curious and I want to know more....   Not only the book, but the pencil suddenly caught my attention too - bold and bright - red and black - serious and striking!  Like nothing I've ever seen before, beautiful and minimal and playful and colourful... 

A few clicks along and I found the website for Perpetua The Pencil - and if you care about the environment, just a little bit or a lot -  then you, yes you and you and you, because deep down we all do care - but we all just do too little.  Caring is great, yes, but caring without action - its like a whole lot of nothingness nicely packaged with a ribbon and a bow - and nothing inside.  I think the time has come that we put some action into our caring, and start making some changes in how we live - little changes, big changes - any change will do - just be the change

So back to Perpetua - and a bit more about this wonderfully revolutionary and beautiful pencil!  First a few facts ....  Perpetua is made of Zantech - which is an innovative material made of 80% graphite - which is a waste product of industrial production
So in essence this pencil is made almost entirely from waste - and what I found more interesting as well - was that as you're using the pencil, writing notes, drawing that masterpiece, sketching your dream home, sending someone a love note.... while doing all these wonderful things... you are also getting rid of the waste, but in a more sustainable way, but creating something beautiful with it

The foodgrade eraser forms a single body with the pencil,  which has one flat side - makes it oh so comfy to hold and it also prevents the pencil from rolling away... it is unbreakable, non-toxic and quite frankly just beautiful.  Well - obviously so, as it's the only pencil that's made in Italy!  The home of elegant design and picture perfect fashion!  But even more so, because knowing its created by and made from a waste material - and through its exclusive production technology - it does not need the traditional wood casing that standard pencils need...  so it also saves the trees! 

So a couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet with someone who could tell me a bit more about Perpetua The Pencil.   She was enthused and had this lovely energy about her - it was wonderful to hear from someone who seems to know it so well - the story, the technology - well, it turns out that Alice, was the daughter of the inventor of the Perpetua,  Susanna Martucci - who is also the owner of Well worth clicking through and realising there is a whole (new to me) world of repurposing and recycling creatively - out there.

I was delighted and so surprised and almost could not believe, that one week I was reading about something new (to me) and amazing (in technology and sustainability) but also something that will make a difference to how we treat the world in the long term.... and there I was the next sat in a little cafe in Highbury chatting to Alice - and I felt inspired!

Two weeks on, and I've been delightedly writing and sketching and dreaming and drawing with my Perpetua pencils.  Well first of all, I just wanted to write, or draw or sketch - the pencil kind of draws you in - it sits comfortably in your hand as it glides over the paper.  The eraser - which I've been using from time to time - leaves no dreaded bits behind - it kind of just erases and that's it - no 'eraser crumbs' all over your desk!  I've been using my turquoise first, then my pink, and this week I'm only my yellow!  (eraser that is, the pencil is just a normal HB) There's no need to sharpen them either - even though you can if you'd like to.

So I guess the only question that remains is - how can you get your hands on one of these magical sustainable beauties!  Well I imagine soon they will also be available in the UK, fingers crossed!  Oh did I forget to mention - you can also have your pencils branded with your logo or any design for that matter; printed on your pencil, and it comes with a neat little black backing board, where you can tell your story (minimum order quantities apply) Head on over to their website for more inspiration and more story!  And if you scroll down to the last image - you'll see a brilliant example of a custom design... striking isn't it?!

 And as soon as my cash flow improves - I'll be getting some 'an urban village' inspired one's ordered and hopefully available via my blog ... in the future ... hopefully not to distant.

I guess I've also become a little bit more aware, more awakened and more interested in a more sustainable approach, a more sustainable way of living, more aware of how we treat this beautiful home of ours - mother earth.  Our only home....  don't you think its a little bit strange that so much is being spent on finding 'life on other planets' in stead of investing in better ways to look after this magical place we call home?  The earth can quite easily exist and flourish without our human intervention .... but without the earth - we have no home, and we will not survive.

I'd like to send a big heartfelt thank you to Susanna Martucci for inventing and creating and manufacturing this innovative pencil - and there's not only a pencil, there is also a notebook!  And for sharing the Perpetua with us all - and in doing so little by little, pencil by pencil in a sustainable way collectively we're also saving the planet

Thank you x

Image by Lindé Davies
Image by Lindé Davies
Image by Lindé Davies
Image by Lindé Davies
Image via Perpetua

Saturday, 23 January 2016


Utterly inspired today by this beautiful minimal Cape Town home  (being also utterly distracted from the heap of admin that awaits ... but alas, let's share something inspiring first - and then back to the task at hand)

Found these images via Stylejuicer, a deliciously inspiring blog and I quote:
'It’s the home of make-up artist Algria Ferreira-Watling who by her own admission comes from a poor background and never dreamt of living in a palace. She says she has never needed things but instead has always wanted to live in a little house with the peaceful feel of a monastery.'

A neutral and natural palette - and through her stylish yet minimal approach, Algria has created this very peaceful zen-like home ... natural materials, lots of wood, and whites ... rustic concrete floors, and oh my oh my those stairs

We can definitely live very well, if not better - by making better choices, having less is definitely having more - having less is having more time - more time to enjoy life and living an inspired life

Totally in love with this Cape Town home - and who would not want to sit and while away some time on that front porch and watch the world go by.... makes me a little bit homesick right now - but - only a couple more months and I'll be visiting my home away from homesweethome - yay!

Photography:  Greg Cox
Images via Stylejuicer

Friday, 15 January 2016

Tuesday, 12 January 2016


Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Photo:  Lindé Davies
Some of you may already know this - and others may not - but I totally fell in love with Bali, truly madly deeply - and this was only my first visit.  This is going back to April last year.  More than just the island and the people, the beautiful lush green landscapes and rice fields - more than that - its about the people.  The people I connected with there, but also even before my trip how encouraging and interesting it was to start building connections and how positive and uplifting each email exchange made me feel.

Oh at the top of this post there is a link to some Bali sounds I recorded while on my trip, which will complement this blogpost and your enjoyment of the photos I share ...

So prior to my trip, I also connected Anneke van Waesberghe, owner and also the creative mind behind Escape Nomade .  And again, Escape Nomade is so much more than just another business operating from Indonesia - they have a very clear vision and ethos and I quote ...... 'with a genuine commitment to the environment and local community, commitment to economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Escape Nomade is focused on products that facilitate, and are in the spirit of a Nomadic lifestyle and determined to put their brand Escape Nomade on the map of the international new luxury goods market. As to reach their goal, they do not compete with the old world luxury brands, but make its users jump that ship to belong to that new world that is evolving, as conscious living and ethical and social responsibility have become today’s lifestyle. Its brand Escape Nomade maintains a competitive edge through constant new designs and as way of life they re-invest much of the rewards of their work in the development of new ideas that follow their principles and concept, their vision and mission.'

It took us a good couple of hours drive from Ubud before we reached our destination at Escape Nomade.  And Wayan my driver, did get us a little bit lost along the way, so I imagine we could've done it in less.  I didn't mind as we were driving through a very real landscape - lots of greenery, lots of rice fields and it also allowed me to start reflecting on my trip - and we also had some rain....

From the moment I arrived I felt welcome - Anneke gave me an informative tour of her home - which existed out of a hub of three amazingly luxury and sturdy tents.  Long grasses grow along the path which was lined with sleeper wood and white pebbles.  And surround by nature, the sounds of nature is still to this day so very clear in my minds eye.  We had such interesting and inspiring conversations - over cups of warm tea and fresh lemonade (if I remember correctly)  and so much more so, as it was coming from someone who had a vision - who stuck to it, and who made her dreams a reality.  Hard work yes, but my oh my - to be able to live so close to nature - and to be able to pack up and move to the next best place your heart desires - and set up home - that would make life so much more worth living.  To live in a sustainable way, and to weigh up the consequences of our behaviour.  And to actively decide to live in such a way - that I think is what it means to be fully awake and to live a life of dreams.

And now - 8 months on and as proud Ambassador for Escape Nomade - I am excited to review my life, to see how I can lighten my load, and someday somewhere to live a life where it is about the experiences in life, more so than the things we own in life - and .... to live in such a way that we are respectful towards mother nature, and the earth our only home.  I am hoping to spread some awareness of this different kind of living - a nomadic lifestyle,  add some quality and luxury to that and hopefully I can bring a project or two their way along the way....

Get in touch if you're keen to find out more, or just click through to their website here