Thursday, 31 December 2015


And suddenly the shimmer of a new year, of this coming new year is upon us - like a distant sunset suddenly disappears behind the ocean.... darkness ...... and then light as the new morning of the first day of the new year will dawn.

But I want to tie a knot in today, I want to make it last, I'm just not quite yet ready to let go, I'm not yet ready for a whole new year - 2015 has run wild and sometimes it feels like I've been holding on to its mane while struggling to hold on tight enough to get back on and into its saddle and ride this wild stallion like the year I was supposed to have....

A good year nonetheless, it had its challenges and trials and tribulations - lessons have been learnt along the way - I have grown somewhat deeper and somewhat quieter - not because there was nothing to say,  but I guess I have learnt to speak without saying too much - and I have prayed and prayed and prayed - I have prayed for my family and for my friends, for peace in the world, and a stop to all the wars and the loss of innocent young lives, I have prayed for wisdom and a compassionate heart

And now on this new years eve - 
I will pray again for each and everyone to find contentment in their daily lives and to feel a sense of belonging wherever they may be on their path, on their life's journey.  I will pray that we may all be able to live fully our life's purpose and to find what it is that truly makes us feel alive and strive to live that life.  I will pray that we will learn anew each and every day what a wonderful gift each new day is, and that we will be grateful everyday, and that we will live to let our light and our love shine forth

This is my new years prayer and wish for you one and all - and with that a 'happy new year'
Make this one count!


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