Thursday, 10 December 2015


Always have and always will love the Scandinavian take on interior design, and style and fashion and just pretty much everything.  In fact, I think if I were ever to skip countries again, and that has always been the plan - it will be moving further north - the Nordics, Scandinavia, Sweden, Finland..... 

But for the here and now, I am here and now its time to be fully in the here and now .... if that makes sense in a roundabout way!

This loft apartment is tastefully decorated and beautifully styled - rather lush and luxurious in quite an understated palette - so many inspiring ideas here

Beautiful beautiful beautiful

Photography by Anders Bergstedt (he has an interesting portrait album on 'beards' all sorts of weird and wonderfulness)
Interior design by Moodhouse Interior
Spotted via home adore

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