Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Oh life, and isn't it just so true... sometimes we hold on so tight, too tight, our fists clenched because we just cannot let go...

It could be silly little habits that's hard to let go of... or it could be an environment we are faced with .... or it can be someone toxic that we need to let go of, but oh its oh so hard.

I can only say this - listen, allow yourself some quiet time and listen to your soul and you will never be led astray.

I have recently had to let go of a work situation - and even though this comes at a price - I knew that I had made the right decision.  Having a couple of different studios I'm working for makes it quite difficult sometimes to find the balance - but I had to do it for me.  The very long hours, and the very long days just started to wear me down.  If something doesn't serve us anymore we also need to be courageous and let go.

And you know what, life has a way of working out - the way I see it is that by having faith, and taking a risk, and making space in our lives, or in our time or in our hearts - there is a little gap for life to surprise us with by filling it with something or someone wonderful and new.  

For me I need the time to focus on which direction I am heading in - both professionally and personally - and really in reality the 2 are now soon becoming one, which is kind of an ideal situation.  But I need to pay a bit more attention to my own personal projects, so I can get them off the ground.  But also to just have time, the luxury of time on my hands... oh what bliss that will be

So - take courage dear one, trust life just a little bit - but take time to be still - and don't rush into making a quick decision, because sometimes those aren't always the best times to think clearly....

And good luck - you deserve the very best of life - that life has to offer, and we need to be a little bit bold in going for what we believe in

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