Wednesday, 5 August 2015


I'm listening to an album called 'Spirits' by 'French for Rabbits' and here I'm hoping to share a link to the first track... called Spirits.... beautiful and beautifully sad  (but if its not working look do them up on Spotify)

Got a few little things on my mind, which I'm trying to not allow to set food and grow roots - so I'm sharing these quotes for me to remind myself of my journey - and to take courage and to just remind myself that sometimes we need to take care of ourselves first and sometimes that may not always suit everyone else.... 

So without going into any further detail - because this is something I learnt on my Bali retreat - when we speak something - we make it real - it becomes cemented in those words - so by me not speaking it - I'm not allowing it a place in my real world - and I'm letting it drift and pass through me so to speak.... does this make sense?

To everyone else - listen to your gut instinct because it will lead you and tell you things and it will never ever ever be wrong....

Try not to ponder on yesterday ... its in the past and there's nothing you can do about it

Live today, live fully now, live today as the gift it is, a new day and a new gift everyday

Be you, be unapologetically you, there are enough copies of copies of copies of people out there, but there is only one completely uniquely perfectly chaotic you - and the world needs more of you in your uniqueness 

Share your gift - whatever it may be - and so your purpose in this world will be magnified and grow, especially in times when you are struggling to find exactly what your purpose is... just start sharing what comes out of you naturally - but let it be good and let it be kind and let it be honest

Love and light and always shine bright beautiful people... especially in those times when it is most difficult to shine...


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  1. Love and light to you, especially in those parts that don't get enough.xx