Thursday, 13 August 2015


Feeling really psyched and excited!  You know sometimes when you go 'I really love my job' and you really really feel like you love your job.  It makes my other jobs so much more bearable having this one highlight - and to be able to connect with likeminded people - its just quite wonderful!  Trying to keep up the momentum - and focussing on creating more of the same energy - more of the same interactions more of the same projects ....

So coming back from a really positive meeting this afternoon, I received a lovely email with a ps: you'd like this project!  And I did, so here I'm sharing it with you all - Tim thanks for the heads up!

Amazing what can be done on a relatively tight budget (£80 per square meter) but they seem to have managed it quite well with this conversion of a building in Marylebone, London into a collection of beautiful apartments.   Sometimes we can find so much more behind the skin of a building, if we're just willing to explore and look a bit deeper - and I love the exposed brick walls and the exposed patinated plastered walls they managed to include into the pallet and design.

Chevron timber flooring is interspersed with white quartz tiles cut to the same dimensions as the wooden boards that indicate the transition between the living and kitchen areas.  And if you head over to Domus tiles, they now also do a beautiful range of wooden flooring Domus Wood - I'm certain they'd be able to create the same for you!

Do feel free to read the rest of the article here DEZEEN

Images via Dezeen

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