Wednesday, 19 August 2015


I think I may have posted these images before - but always worth a second share.  Such a welcoming and light natural space - with a beautiful indoor outdoor feel

The firewood balances up perfectly against that black back wall inline with the edge of the crisp white island.  A lot of balance in sharp edges and curved furniture or details - even when you glance up at the impressive lighting they choose.

A lot of likes and not a single thing I would change here... Would love to live in a space like this someday... dream dream dream.... but dreams more often than not do tend to come true!
So I'm going to keep on dreaming and I hope you'll never give up your dreams either

Images via  sergey maknho

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


I can relate to this on so many levels - and beautifully said isn't it?

I guess the message for me in this is just to keep moving, and keep believing and whichever direction you're moving in, will be the right direction.

When we are aligned with our purpose - and even in the process of awakening and becoming aligned there will be little signposts along the way.

So keep courage little one - you're on the right track... even if it may not quite feel like it right now, just keep moving and keep moving forward

And remember to keep believing in magic - its out there and surrounding us always - but we have to believe in it to be seeing it!  I will share more on this front soon, had some good news towards the end of last week, and once all the wheels are fully in motion I'll be sharing more....

Have a beautiful day xx

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Thursday, 13 August 2015


Feeling really psyched and excited!  You know sometimes when you go 'I really love my job' and you really really feel like you love your job.  It makes my other jobs so much more bearable having this one highlight - and to be able to connect with likeminded people - its just quite wonderful!  Trying to keep up the momentum - and focussing on creating more of the same energy - more of the same interactions more of the same projects ....

So coming back from a really positive meeting this afternoon, I received a lovely email with a ps: you'd like this project!  And I did, so here I'm sharing it with you all - Tim thanks for the heads up!

Amazing what can be done on a relatively tight budget (£80 per square meter) but they seem to have managed it quite well with this conversion of a building in Marylebone, London into a collection of beautiful apartments.   Sometimes we can find so much more behind the skin of a building, if we're just willing to explore and look a bit deeper - and I love the exposed brick walls and the exposed patinated plastered walls they managed to include into the pallet and design.

Chevron timber flooring is interspersed with white quartz tiles cut to the same dimensions as the wooden boards that indicate the transition between the living and kitchen areas.  And if you head over to Domus tiles, they now also do a beautiful range of wooden flooring Domus Wood - I'm certain they'd be able to create the same for you!

Do feel free to read the rest of the article here DEZEEN

Images via Dezeen

Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Some beautiful outdoor inspirations for your gardens or balconies or roof terraces.  I do love the contrasting dark walls with some white pots and then the lush green foliage.  You don't need a lot of space to create a relaxing and calming environment to enjoy the outdoors.

Especially nowadays I feel less is more, smaller is better, more manageable - allowing us more free time to enjoy life and live life - and be present in life

Have a great midweek day... hope this week is treating you all very well indeed

Sending lots of love out over the airwaves

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Thursday, 6 August 2015



Breathtakingly beautiful Paris loft apartment - and one wouldn't expect any less from the style capital of the world.  Lots of striking black and whites and the whitewashed brick walls are just gorgeous and somewhat understated.  Interesting read if you follow the link below...

Via maison creative

Wednesday, 5 August 2015


I'm listening to an album called 'Spirits' by 'French for Rabbits' and here I'm hoping to share a link to the first track... called Spirits.... beautiful and beautifully sad  (but if its not working look do them up on Spotify)

Got a few little things on my mind, which I'm trying to not allow to set food and grow roots - so I'm sharing these quotes for me to remind myself of my journey - and to take courage and to just remind myself that sometimes we need to take care of ourselves first and sometimes that may not always suit everyone else.... 

So without going into any further detail - because this is something I learnt on my Bali retreat - when we speak something - we make it real - it becomes cemented in those words - so by me not speaking it - I'm not allowing it a place in my real world - and I'm letting it drift and pass through me so to speak.... does this make sense?

To everyone else - listen to your gut instinct because it will lead you and tell you things and it will never ever ever be wrong....

Try not to ponder on yesterday ... its in the past and there's nothing you can do about it

Live today, live fully now, live today as the gift it is, a new day and a new gift everyday

Be you, be unapologetically you, there are enough copies of copies of copies of people out there, but there is only one completely uniquely perfectly chaotic you - and the world needs more of you in your uniqueness 

Share your gift - whatever it may be - and so your purpose in this world will be magnified and grow, especially in times when you are struggling to find exactly what your purpose is... just start sharing what comes out of you naturally - but let it be good and let it be kind and let it be honest

Love and light and always shine bright beautiful people... especially in those times when it is most difficult to shine...


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