Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Today I'm writing this post for someone - someone I'd so love to reach out to - but I can't.  I think we've all been there, so low, so low in life, so low that nothing and no-one and nothing anyone says can pull us out.  And in that is also contained the reason I cannot reach out - because sometimes just quietly being there for someone - is more important than going out in full force trying to save them and trying to rescue them.  Because... we've been there, and nothing and no-one and nothing anyone says can pull us out...   

So I'm writing this as a message, which I know she will never read - but in my heart of hearts I my only wish for her is she pulls through.  She has so much to offer, but she hasn't even come close to realizing the magnificence of her being  - She's a mother, she's a friend, she's a sister, she's a girl like any other who also had dreams to cherish, and countries and cities in this wonderful world that she wanted to explore.  But life didn't quite work out like that.  And I think maybe she thinks that she is stuck, and maybe she thinks there is no way out... but there always a l w a y s ALWAYS is a way out.  
When it feels like there is no way out - we need to make our way down, down on our knees and pray.  And pray an earnest and heartfelt prayer - pray until the tears stream out of our eyes and onto the soil of the earth beneath our feet.  Because in that humble broken bent state - we acknowledge that we cannot do it alone, we acknowledge that there is a higher power that we need to call out to - not only when we're in dispair - but every single day of our lives.  By connecting with that higher power, I call him God, you may call it something else - we do exactly that, we connect to a higher power that can fill all our needs - but we need to take that first step.  We need to make the time to be vulnerable and humble and cry out for help.

And then, breathe deeply and take a moment and just be still - be still and feel the connection, the connection to a life force bigger than us, a life force and an energy force that connects us to the universe and beyond - and that in itself is quite magical!  But that life force that runs through us wants us to be happy, and it wants for us to succeed in our purpose in life whatever that may be - and that life force is all for us.  We need to realize that, sometimes be reminded of that.

I want to tell her to start moving her body and shaking off this feeling of giving up - shout or scream and just let it all out - just get some vibrations running through her veins... a ripple effect.  Take a drive to the ocean and watch the waves ebb and flow - like life we all ebb and flow... she lives close to the ocean, she can do that.

But really all I want to do is give her a tight hug and tell her all will be ok, and that nothing lasts forever - and that she will pull through.  But.... she may have to take that first step, and that first step will be the most difficult step because where she is that step in itself is probably an impossibility - but the most precious step she'll ever take...  I'm sending her lots of love and I'm sending her light and positive vibrations and I'm sending a prayer on her behalf .... xxxx

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  1. how wonderful - and thank you - for I too am that girl.

    1. You're so welcome, and I hope you're on the mend, and I hope you know you are loved and you can do this.... for I too am that girl! Sending much love and light and sparkles your way xxx

  2. So wonderful, that she even has you to think of her. Thank you. So much of me can be this girl too. This is such a beautiful, important post.

    1. ... and likewise - even while writing it, and writing it for this special girl, I realized that I am too that girl - and that girl is in all of us. But I guess by supporting all the girls and women and by being real and true in our struggles, but also in our delights - together we can conquer! ... for I am too that girl. Sending love and light and lots of sparkles your way too xxx