Friday, 12 June 2015


We needed some new plates and bowls for teatime for our Tai Chi class - so yesterday I was doing a bit of interweb snooping and found these absolutely gorgeous melamine plates - designed by 'oh so talented' illustrator/ graphic designer Oksana Badrak - for Poketo

After doing a bit more research I found these beauties were from a range way back in 2007 and it doesn't look like I can get my hands on them anymore...  Now Poketo does seem like a great little online retailer, and I'm sure I'll be heading over there again someday soon and do some much needed retail therapy.  So sadly none of these for Tai Chi Class...

On the other hand - its well worth taking a stroll over to Oksana's website for some more beautifully haunting illustrations - you'll be inspired!

In the end I manged to find something suitably beautiful from ever popular TK Maxx - I'll take some pics next week when I'm back in class

Enjoy the weekend xx

Images via various websites

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