Tuesday, 30 June 2015


There is new life in the soil for every [wo]man. 
There is healing in the trees for tired minds and for our overburdened spirits, 
there is strength in the hills, if we only lift up our eyes. 
Remember that nature is your great restorer. 

~ Calvin Coolidge

Isn't it beautiful to think - that all that is out there in the wide and wild world - is free for us to enjoy....  Look up at the clouds, listen to wind blowing through the trees  - the birds flying by.  Oh this life can be such a wondrous thing.  But often times we are so distracted by the cares and worries of the material world - the one created by the greeds and wants of our own mankind - that we forget how easy it is to restore our burdened souls by just making time, and spending time in the great outdoors.  Especially now the sun is out in the northern hemisphere I hope you can grab a few moments here and there to soak up the suns bright rays, and remember to look up - take a deep breathe and whisper a prayer of gratitude to the universe, to God, to whomever you pray to - just a little thank you even if it is just for one little good thing - and that might even be the sun shining so brightly - which in itself is one of the biggest natural wonders we mere human beings on earth can enjoy

Thank you for visiting and have beautiful day


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Monday, 29 June 2015


Beautiful isn't it - and tiny too, but functional and fun.  Love the pastel elements that's been brought in, and just a touch of Nordic flair.

Not sure if this may be a rendered project, or whether it is an actual apartment - either way it's a very inviting and beautiful little space.  I do like the raised platform for the bedroom area, with plenty of storage underneath.  And a handy little floor plan for all you curious creative minds out there

And on that note I wish you an inspiring, creative and productive week ahead!

I'm happy to be back in the mood for some blogging too - gosh have I missed it!

Spotted via achados de decoracao blog

Friday, 12 June 2015


We needed some new plates and bowls for teatime for our Tai Chi class - so yesterday I was doing a bit of interweb snooping and found these absolutely gorgeous melamine plates - designed by 'oh so talented' illustrator/ graphic designer Oksana Badrak - for Poketo

After doing a bit more research I found these beauties were from a range way back in 2007 and it doesn't look like I can get my hands on them anymore...  Now Poketo does seem like a great little online retailer, and I'm sure I'll be heading over there again someday soon and do some much needed retail therapy.  So sadly none of these for Tai Chi Class...

On the other hand - its well worth taking a stroll over to Oksana's website for some more beautifully haunting illustrations - you'll be inspired!

In the end I manged to find something suitably beautiful from ever popular TK Maxx - I'll take some pics next week when I'm back in class

Enjoy the weekend xx

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Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Beautiful and soothing neutrals in this home.  Isn't the spare room just divine and ever so cozy.  

Images via coco lapine design

Friday, 5 June 2015

R E L A X ...

"The more relaxed you are, 
the better you are at everything: 
the better you are with your loved ones, 
the better you are with your enemies, 
the better you are at your job, 
the better you are with yourself." 
- Bill Murray

Sorry for the unexpectedly long silence...  

I have so much to share, but feel rather empty all the same - like the thoughts are there, but words are just not there.  And maybe sometimes that's ok.   To be this empty.  Its not an uncomfortable kind of emptiness, I rather like it to be honest....

I also like what Bill Murray had to say here - I guess in essence it boils down to just that

Have a lovely weekend beautiful souls  xx

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