Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Roundabout now in 3 weeks time I will be at Heathrow airport awaiting a boarding call for my flight to Denpasar in Bali.  And hasn't the time flown since I booked my trip just a little bit more than a month ago!  I've started getting a couple of bits and pieces together for my trip, and a bit shopping too!  I have a few lists on the go - just in excel and as I remember something I need to take - or read about a nice cafe or area to visit, I add it to my little list....  all coming together rather nicely.

Back to Bali -  And a good month it has been!  I won't quite be staying in such luxury, but Villa Kubu really caught my eye - a beautiful Villa complex with private pools and outdoor bathrooms - pure luxuriousness to the last of the finer details.  Check out there beautiful and easy to navigate website for more villa inspirations - and who knows, you might just fancy a little trip to Bali of your own!

Images via villa kubu.com


  1. Wow!! This looks INCREDIBLE! I'm coming with in spirit! Yikes! This is incredible! Enjoy!! xx

    1. Hello and *thank you*!
      I'm hoping to keep up blogging while I'm out there - sadly I won't be staying at Villa Kubu... but its certainly on my list for another time. But a couple of places I have booked are just delightful! I'm getting just a tad excited now things are coming together! Hope you are well? xx