Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Sometimes when we suffer from the 'moody blues' it can feel like an eternity - and sometimes we feel like there is just absolutely nothing going our way.  This may happen at times of stress or pressure or it could be down to nothing we can put a finger on.  

What I have learnt from my own experience - is that when our emotions are low - that little voice will become even lower, even more negative and sometimes up to a point where we start questioning life and the reason behind it all.  I am writing this as a reminder for myself more than anything else.  In those times, we need to remember that sometimes that little voice is not your voice.  And sometimes we just need to give it a good dose of its own medicine - and almost fool ourselves into a more positive state of mind.  

What worked for me when I was really low - is I decided that I need to book myself on a little retreat.  I knew my soul needed it as much as my body, and I thought by doing something nice for myself, it will help me pull through, just until such time I go away.  The funny thing is.... and I didn't realize it at the time - but by doing something like that, just booking a little trip away - it immediately gave me something positive to focus on.  Previously I felt like I had lost my purpose a bit - and with this little retreat I was booking, I really felt like I somehow was regaining a bit of purpose again in my life.  My purpose for now was just to plan the most nourishing trip in beautiful surroundings close to nature.

That was a good thing.  Not only that, but by doing a bit of research on the kind of experience I wanted to have, and the kind of retreats that was out there - it was almost like in a flash a whole new world opened up for me.  I started feeling excited - excitement causes positive vibrations, and positive vibrations will no doubt attract more positive experiences!  This is a truth!  So... I found a rather perfect sounding little 'yoga and energy flow' retreat hosted by H2O yoga and meditation  on a little island that's just a couple of hours by boat from Bali.  I could not really afford it at the time - but I decided to go for it.  

And now - just over 2 weeks on from deciding to book this trip - my life feels like I have regained a part of me that was dormant for a long time.  I have never been to Bali, but as I was going so far on this retreat I decided to stay an additional couple of weeks to explore the island and see what else it has to offer.  I am very drawn to the greenery and the hills and mountains and rice fields - and the images I am sharing in this post are just a few inspirational photos that really helped me on my way!  Now I can start the countdown in all seriousness.

I am writing this post - and I'm not saying that you need to book a trip to the other side of the world in order to escape from your current situation - but what I am saying is this - by deciding to do something nice for yourself, you are establishing that you are worth having a nice experience, and just by doing that one small thing - right there you have your first little positive vibration and boost.  

Then secondly as you are deciding what it is that you'd like to do - it may be a massage, or it may be planning a theater outing with some friends - whatever you feel is doable and that you will enjoy - and during the times you are researching the event or the spa that you will be visiting - you are continuously filling your minds eye with positive images, reading about treatments and slowly but surely you are within yourself creating a more little positive bursts and vibrations all around you.  Slowly but surely the negative thoughts and that lowness will start to disappear because negative vibrations cannot thrive in a positive environment....

So alas - I hope you'll find your happy place, or your happy outing - it may even be to head out into the city or the countryside with your camera and take some amazing shots on a cool spring day - it may not need to be costing you anything.  Just be sure to do it!  Whatever it may be.... and enjoy it, and enjoy the planning of it and enjoy dreaming about it.  Its all good, and its all ok - you are allowed to dream, and by dreaming about it, you are lifting your gaze towards the horizon and that's always a good thing!

Enjoy the journey and hope these images  

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