Friday, 13 February 2015


A couple of peaceful images to ease us into the weekend... I'm also soon moving into a new spacious room in the house - its the loft with its own en-suite bathroom.  Have been trying to get some inspiration for it - and I really like these minimal leaf arrangements a lot.  Just a touch of greenery complements any space oh so nicely!

I particularly like the Monstera Deliciosa (picture 1, 3, 5) —also known as the splitleaf philodendron - and think I'll head down to Collumbia Road Flower Market on the week-end and get myself a nice plant for my new room.

I will be moving next week-end, fortunately only up one flight of stairs - phew lucky me!  And am rather looking forward to settling into my new space - it will be my very own little sanctuary and I cannot wait!  A vast space, which definitely lends itself to a very minimal style of decor - it will be my challenge to keep it minimal.  May need to redecorate some of my concrete pieces - they're slate at the moment, but I quite fancy a bit of white for a nice change.

So another week has just flown past and its scary how quickly time is passing at the moment and I get anxious as there is so much I want to do, but never enough time and then I can't stop thinking of all the things that are still half-done or undone, and then I get myself in a right pickle .... ok.... just breathe, step outside, get some air, go for a walk young lady  - and ... breathe out....  all in good time!  Things will get done in the end; I just feel at the moment like I'm racing against time all the time...   

Nevermind, have a super weekend - and I'll post an update on my new plant on Sunday


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  1. splitleaf philodendron now that is what a flower should be called. Such an awesome name, wish I could use it for my kid! I hear you on the anxiety of things still left to be done.
    have a good rest and do breathe! it's a great start!